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13 Feb 2018

Yunus and Youth Global Fellowship Program for Young Social Entrepreneurs 2018

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Yunus and Youth Global Fellowship Program is now accepting applications from hardworking, passionate entrepreneurs

building social businesses around the world. Get professional support and mentoring to scale your social venture !

We know the power of mentorship and young people. That’s why we take young social entrepreneurs from around the world, connect them with amazing mentors, and give them all the other resources they need to scale their impact.

Yunus&Youth offers a 6-month global fellowship for extraordinary young people running businesses doing good.

By training talented young people and accelerating their social businesses with the right resources, we cultivate a highly capable and impactful next generation of social business leaders. We faithfully believe this is the most effective way to foster progress and economic growth worldwide.


The concept of social business is defined by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus as a non-loss, non-dividend company created to address a social purpose.

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That means that, like a charity, the goal of a social business is to solve a social problem. But because it’s a business, it’s also financially sustainable, ensuring independence, security, and the ability/chance to exclusively focus on creating lasting impact. Instead of donors, a social business has investors. Instead of fundraising, a social business generates a profit—and then reinvests that profit in the company’s innovation and growth in order to increase its social impact.


You have started working on your social business and are dedicated to making it succeed.

You must be under 30 years old.

You must be able to speak and communicate in English.

You must also be able to commit to 5 hours per week on exercises that will help you improve your business.


Fellows receive a 6-month crash course in social business development. The step-by-step curriculum ensures that by the end, They will be ready to pitch to potential investors.

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Fellows will be matched with a professional mentor. These mentors are successful entrepreneurs and business professionals ready to lend their expertise to help fellows maximize their business’ growth potential.

Being a Y&Y Fellow means having a support network of experts, business leaders, and institutions around the world.


These are the main questions that you will need to complete in your online submission:

Tell us about your social business

Social Business Name


Facebook Page

Describe your social business in one or two sentences.

Are you legally incorporated? Please specify the country and the legal form. (100 characters)

When was your social business started?

What social problem do you want to solve? (300 characters)

How does your social business solve that problem? (500 characters)

Tell us about your customers & revenue model

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Who are your beneficiaries/users? (300 characters)

Who are your paying customers? Are they different from your beneficiaries? (300 characters)

How do you plan to acquire more customers? How do you plan to grow and scale? (300 characters)

How many customers have paid for your product/service in the past 12 months (since you have started working if less than 12 months)? (100 characters)

Who are your competitors and how are you different from what they offer? (500 characters)

What kind of evidence do you have that your solution works/will work? (300 characters)

What is the most important measure/indicator of your success? (100 characters)

What are your main expenses? (300 characters)

What is your revenue model? How does your social business makes money?

Tell us about your team

Who are the founders?

Who are the other team members?

What roles/people/knowledge is your team missing?

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