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17 Mar 2017

How To Write A College Essay Of 10 Pages In One Night

How to write a college essay of 10 pages in one night

Sometimes you cannot avoid writing a long essay on a very short deadline. The best tip of writing a college essay in a few hours is to subdivide the test sections. Thus, you’ll be writing a few short essays, instead of writing one big and long.

In high school and college writing, teachers do not expect monotonous and boring trials. They want provocative thesis statements, that make you think, react and question the text. Is expected to analyze reading, you establish a case worth, and lean your subject with sufficient evidence in 10 pages or more. The old formula, such as five paragraphs essays or three pages, it is not flexible or sophisticated enough to provide a structure logic for a critical essay.


Pick a topic

  1. Build an informed discussion on the basis of a provocative topic of interest to the academic community. It summarizes what we know about it. Identifies areas that are important to you and decide how to transform them into a relevant and concise argument. Discover what you do not know, and seek opportunities for further information.
  2. Combine your discussion with the main text. Build a summary that aligns with the order of the day. Criticism of the text investigates and compares its findings with yours. Highlights and summarizes the important passages of the book that can then be used as quotations in the trial.
  3. Evaluates the text and clearly articulate your response personnel. Identifies moments in the book that captures the essence of your argument. Consider the parts of your topic and determine how they relate to each other collectively. Find connections between ideas while analyzing literature. Use pictures, diagrams and texts to synthesize your thoughts.
  4. Sharpen your subject and select an argument that requires a thoughtful, complex and controversial answer. See if you can answer the question adequately in 10 pages or more. Discover the context behind the book, including historical and cultural meanings that later will shape your thesis.
  5. Takes a position on the subject, and determines how it will address. Consider the reader and prejudices, prior knowledge, and the conclusion that intend the reader to take your test.
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Write the essay

  1. The essay begins with an introduction to reflection. Capture the public’s attention with a quote, a statistic or a definition. Declare your argument and its place within the broader conversation about the book. It provides views of other scholars to add to the discussion. It provides context the reader to name the book, the author and your opinion on the issues raised.
  2. State your thesis at the end of the introduction. Establishes something that offers controversy and interest. Thesis uses to provide a structure for your argument in which the following paragraphs are based.
  3. It recognizes the opposite view of the argument. Conducts research academic critics or opponents consider what can be said against your thesis. Determine how you will structure your work to deal with the opposition.
  4. Organize your work in paragraphs which must declare each one point. Write a topic sentence for each paragraph to announce a particular argument. Complements sufficient evidence topic sentence and a sentence that summarizes everything.
  5. Avoid increasing your paragraphs with irrelevant or redundant to fulfill the requirement of 10 pages information. Considers the relationship of each paragraph with others to ensure consistency and fluency.
  6. Resume your essay with a conclusion that will leave readers something to ponder. Addresses a new but relevant idea or question link to your thesis. Back ongoing conversation and put highlight the importance of your personal contribution.
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