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How to Win a Scholarship Essay Contest in Nigeria.
20 Sep 2017

How to Win a Scholarship Essay Contest in Nigeria.

Many an underprivileged student in this country dream of one day winning a scholarship. They pray for an opportunity to be able to study without hardship or with significantly reduced hardship. However, many of them do not take the necessary steps, they do not seek the necessary information they need to get such an opportunity. Think I’m lying? OK. How many people have heard of scholarship essay contests? Not very much I believe. You usually go to scholarship websites to search for free scholarships. But you don’t have to. You could simply write an essay to contest for a scholarship.

Putting your thoughts on paper and writing a personal essay to apply for a scholarship is not the easiest thing to do. You have to be able to convince the judges and scholarship sponsors that you deserve to win the scholarship. You must be able to write an essay that’ll not just convince them, but will also make them believe in you. So how do you do this? How do you write an essay that’ll make you be chosen for a scholarship among hundreds, maybe thousands of applicants? How do you write an essay that’ll blow the judges and sponsors away? Stay with me and I’ll give you some really important tips on how to win a scholarship essay contest in Nigeria.

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Tips to Win a Scholarship Essay Contest in Nigeria

First, you have to know what to write. Don’t just start writing. Sit down and think. Brainstorm. Create a vision of what you want to write, the direction in which you want to take your essay in your mind. Outline the necessary parameters you need for your essay, then, start writing.

Some people have problems writing an essay as compared to speaking on a topic or about themselves. If you are one of such people, you can speak into a tape recorder first. Speak as if you are in front of the judges trying to defend your case and record it. Then you can put the speech down on paper and edit it to look more like a written essay.

Next, you need to be creative, be original, be unique. Don’t write in a general direction or your essay will get lost in the general crowd. Your essay needs to stand out. Write creatively. Be descriptive in your writing and be original. It’ll make your essay different from that of other applicants.

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Also, you need to develop a theme for your essay. A feel of what your essay is all about. A theme that’ll show what you are all about right from the beginning of your essay. So you don’t just write about yourself and list your achievements, you write in relation to the theme of your essay. Your theme will keep the judges attracted and interested in your essay.

Furthermore, you need to make sure your essay is very descriptive. Make your words vivid, make your actions come to life. Make them see, and not just read. Use words, quotes, examples that bring your words to life. Don’t just write in a flat and uninteresting tone. Don’t make your descriptions vague, make them detailed. Let the judges see what you are seeing as you are writing the essay. It’ll make a strong impression on them.

While doing all these, you need to make sure that your essay is very intelligible, make it neat and readable. If you have made several drafts while you were working, wait until you’ve finalized your writing and you are satisfied with what you’ve written, then copy it onto a fresh sheet. Use proper line spacing and margin space. The first look the judges get at your essay will stay in their minds, and if they have to struggle to read your essay right from the start, they probably won’t even bother reading it to the end.

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When you’re done writing your essay and you are satisfied with what you’ve written, you then need to proofread it and check for grammatical errors. You can do this yourself or you can get someone to do it for you, preferably someone with a good command of English Language.

In conclusion, scholarship essay contests are very good opportunities for students to get a chance for better education. If you have very good skills and you need good sponsorship, scholarship essay contests are a very sound option for you.

Put the above essay writing tips into practice, use them well and you will make a very strong impression on whoever is examining your essay, enough for you to win the contest.

In other news, the Eduregard Essay Contest is on, do not miss out!

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    Thanks for the tip Fela. I’m glad to read something like this at this point in time when I’m in dire need of finance for my tuition fee.

    I’ll make this as a reference and read over and over again.

    thanks a bunch pal.

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