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19 May 2016


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Written By Sotikare Taiwo Olakunle – For EDUREGARD Essay Contest – You Might Want To See Contest Details Here And Also See Other Contest Write-Ups.


The Joint Admission Matriculation Board, JAMB, started a full-scale computer based test in 2015. Before then, JAMB had held a partial computer based test in 2014 to test its readiness for the switch to computer based test the following year. This was greeted with both applauses and condemnations. Since 2015, the computer based test became the only option for admission seekers. The computer based test conducted this year, 2016, happened to be the third of its kind and I must say, it was abysmally conducted. I as an observer who knows the  requirements of gaining admission into any tertiary institution in the country. I, therefore, consider it a must to air my views on why the computer based examination should be canceled.

First, it is worth knowing that JAMB made it known its preparedness to conduct a hitch free computer based examination. But what happened was an exact reverse of what JAMB said. Some of the ICT centres that were used were grossly ill-equipped to be used as an examination e-centre. Most of the computer were old; this made it difficult for them to run the examination software. The power supply was epileptic with many reports of power outage during the conduct of the examination which resulted in loss of ample time by many candidates. Many candidates complained of service error, automatic logout before reaching the allotted time, their computers going off and many more.

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Moreover, the number of the centres available were too small. This led to many candidates being posted to examination centres far away from where they chose to write the examination. As a result of this, journey stress, strange environment, examination anxieties, etc, contributed largely to the woeful performance of many candidates.

Another reason why jamb CBT should be scraped is the poor marking system. I know of candidates who had two different scores. There was also a rumor of some candidates seeing their results before they wrote the exam. This unpardonable error must have been caused by poor software used for marking the exam.

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Therefore, having thought deeply about the points highlighted above, it became obvious to me that a continuation of the CBT exam is like playing the game of Ludo with the future of many young school leavers.
So I stand with those calling for JAMB CBT to be discarded.


Sotikare Taiwo Olakunle
OAU Part One Student,
Department of foreign Language.

Written By Sotikare Taiwo Olakunle – For EDUREGARD Essay Contest – You Might Want To See Contest Details Here And Also See Other Contest Write-Ups.


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