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5 Jun 2015

Why Good Grades Do Not Matter As A Nigerian Undergraduate

Take a deep breath, forget about the books and the scantrons for as long as you can and focus on these words. Forget about the Mathematics you may have bombed and the technical drawing curves you didn’t get, ignore that aching pit in your stomach because you know you’ll never get the grade you need, even if you study all night, stop worrying about your GPA, because as much as you think your world depends on these things, it doesn’t.
Now, I’m not telling you that it’s okay to ignore all your responsibilities, party instead of study and completely disrespect everything your parents worked for to get you this education, but I do know that sometimes we just drop the ball.
This is a counter post for the topic : Why Good Grades Matter As A Nigerian Undergraduate and is somewhat related to Whether Undergraduate Course Of Study Really Matter Or Not but at the same time it’s a far cry from it.

Anyways, Here are some reasons Why Good Grades Do Not Matter As A Nigerian Undergraduate

  • If you are business inclined
  • :
    If you are the type that has a strong flair for business and the likes, your good grades might be for your institution to brag about. Aliko Dangote said “I have been a lover of business since my primary school days, I would buy sweets and sell to my mates even though I was from an average family and I had enough to eat, I was just business-minded“. That’s it, you might have inclination for business which is what you should follow, stop barking the wrong tree. You just graduate with whatever grade and follow your inclination. However, endeavour to look deep and be sure to look before you leap.

  • If you are talented
  • : Do you know how to sing? You might graduate with a good grade and still end up screaming your producer’s name in the studio, you can ask Dr Sid. Bear it in mind that this is not guaranteed as the competition is very stiff out there with talents springing up daily. But if good grades was not your portion, that might serve as a means of consolation.

  • If you are a pretty lady
  • : Neatly light in complexion with an athletic shape, not too tall, not too short, round face and blessed with the assets of Nicki Minaj. Though that’s not the definition of a pretty lady, just the exact taste of most pot-bellied general managers of companies. Generally for pretty girls, all you need is to be fluent and presentable, your face will be used instead of your certificate and even the employer will be reluctant to give you NO for an answer. Well, you might need to tender something else to get employed, I don’t know of that thing, you can try it and let me know.

  • If you are skilled
  • : You can get your hands dirty with a couple of java codes? Then your good grades is just a couple of ink on your certificate. Some companies, even google is willing to get you paid not for your university experience but for your ability to turn syntax into something meaningful. Therefore, if coding is your strong point, keep up with it and let go of that abstract mathematics’ textbook.

  • If you are in a country like Nigeria
  • : Quite funny but factual. In a nation like ours, your good grade might end up crucifying you, though it helps most times, at times it’s irrelevant. Most especially if you know someone that knows a man that knows the friend of the cousin of the man that owns the company, you are connected and invariably, you are employed.

According to Walker Percy – “You can get all A’s and still flunk life.”
Having bad grades has lessons of perseverance, determination and loss. People with bad grades tend to get more experienced and exposed. It’s a hard lesson to take, but always worth the experience in the end. And I promise, once again, it’s not the end of the world if you have bad grades.

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