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eduregard essay contest 2017
9 Oct 2017


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Of all the people in my life, one of which has influenced me the greatest, is my father. He has always been a hard worker and cared deeply about our family. He has supported us whether he could afford to or not, and he has made many sacrifices for our family.

When I was younger, I did not really acknowledge this too much, but in SS1, he lost his job. He searched across the globe for a new one so that he could continue to support us as a family. The job that came was one in Lagos. He knew that he needed to take the job, but as my sister was just graduating high school and starting her first year of university at university of Ibadan. He did consider, but found it unfair to us. My sister had chosen the University she did so that she was away from home, but not too far, for she was in Lagos and we were living in Benue at the time. He also knew that my other sister, my mom, and I did not want to move, especially internationally; we had lived outside Lagos for seven blissful years and were not enthusiastic about moving. Therefore, he left for Lagos, and we remained in Benue. He lived alone in Lagos for a year, only being able to visit home once every three weeks. He made a sacrifice to provide income for our family while keeping us happy.


After that year, though, he could not commute that far any longer. There was, however, another job offer in Abuja, Nigeria. So, we decided, as a family to move. The move was hard, but we learned to adapt to our new home and found that we actually liked it here! He was earning a steady income, and we could all be together. The job only lasted a mere year though. We had thought the job would last longer, but as it was gone, he began his job search again. It took him about a year to find a new job, one in Ibadan this time. Through the duration of his unemployment, though, he not only had the stress of finding a job, but he was also diagnosed with High blood pressure. This came as a shock and a fright to the whole family. Everything just seemed to be hitting at once, but he did not lose hope. He found a doctor that could treat High blood pressure and with whom he felt comfortable.

Unfortunately, this meant he had to fly all the way to Port Harcourt to have his operation. The operation went well, and he returned home to recover. The doctor had replaced his insulin, and he appears to be healthy again. Soon after, he also found a job in Ibadan. Finally, things started to get better. He began his new job in Ibadan, again commuting, because by this time, I was beginning my junior year in high school, a crucial time in one’s high school career, and he felt it was not right to move me in the middle of it. Instead, he would let me finish high school and go to University before he and my mom would move. The job, like the other, failed to be long lasting, for he was fired after a year because they were cutting down the company due to the start of the economic recession. Therefore, one last time, he searched for a job. This time, he found one in Imo. As the other jobs, had not been so promising, he knew he would have to commute, at least until I graduate.

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As you can tell, my father made many sacrifices and had many hardships to overcome through the past couple years. He has always put us above himself and tried to do what he thought was best for the family. I admire this quality of his and am very grateful for it. He has showed me that even if you do not want to do something, you have your responsibilities that you must abide to first. His, was keeping us a family. He has also showed me that no matter how bad things get, you must always look to the bright side, stay positive, and continue with your life. Life will not always be perfect, but you must learn and adapt from everything that is going on around you.

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