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30 Oct 2015

What Do We Call A Successful Career?

Start a career with a job that everyone aspires to have achieved by the time they graduate. For every soon to be graduate individual or a student, careers and jobs are one of the most important aspects of the afterlife of university for students and this is what they are concerned about the most. However, years after working on a particular job and developing a career path, many of these individuals are not really content with what they have.

They still think they do not have enough or a successful career just because they have not yet reached the heights they planned to. It is important to note here that many graduating students have lots of fantasies about the real world which, when they come out of their institutions are blown apart when they meet the reality check. This is when they understand the challenges and struggles one has to go through in order to really having a successful career. The idea to have patience, go through the challenges and struggles de-motivates these students and no success is enough for them then. Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about the real meaning of a successful career and how to get motivated by thinking about it.

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You have a career in actuality

In tough economic times, even in many countries of Europe, let alone third world countries, students are forced to take on jobs that have no match with their career aspirations. The rising student loan debt and growing responsibilities make them forget the milestones and career aspirations they have set for themselves and limited jobs in the career path they want all force them to quit and just work on what is there to work with. So if you have a career which resonates with your aims and objectives with a good path and promising growth, then this really counts as a success.


You grow every year

Not everyone is lucky enough to get promotions every year. Despite all the challenges and hard times, if you can find out a strong case for you to justify a promotion, this means you really have a successful career with you. People, who have promotions every year, take this opportunity for granted and then start to complain about having more. In order to motivate yourself, always think about the hard work you have done and the added responsibilities you have after the promotion, which makes you a really important resource in the organization.

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You have the opportunity to learn

If you stop learning or your learning stops and your job becomes stagnant, assume that your career has also stopped. A career does not mean you sit in a position doing nothing, but it actually means an opportunity to grow and learn new things.

You earn well

Of all, if your career is growing, you are getting promotions every year and are learning new things alongside earning a handsome weight of income, and then you really cannot call your life struggle a journey with failed attempts. This is the most you can get out of the competitive world and you should be focused on growing more.

SOURCE : JarusHub Career Mentorship And Management Portal

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