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18 Jan 2016

What Do I Need To Pass JAMB UTME CBT Exam 2018

Jamb UTME 2016 is fast approaching, even though the Registration for UTME 2016 has been extended to January 31st 2016. Nevertheless, a great number of this year’s UTME candidates are expected to have registered for the examination. We thereby decided to share some hints and tips on how to prepare adequately and how to pass the 2016 UTME without cheating.


However, preparation for JAMB UTME is really no different from that of any other exam, which implies that the ground rules are the same. Bottomline is; work hard and read your books.

All the same, here are some

tips you need to know to pass jamb utme 2016


1. Be Prepared! :

You are not expected to wait until days to the exam before you start studying. The first step to success in any examination is to start preparing on time. You can start by creating a personal time-table for your study, which is the one that suits your study time, you should understand yourself better.
Also, ensure that you use the JAMB syllabus. This will help you not only to know the list of topics to be covered but also the areas questions will likely come from.

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Also, the importance of JAMB UTME past questions cannot be over-emphasized. Past questions is your best bet when it comes to preparation for examinations.

In addition, there is also a JAMB CBT Software that contains all subjects, it works offline and also prepares you for your respective Post-UTME examinations. Click here to download it for free.

There is also an exam preparation android application that might help you, download it here

2. Be Confident:

The state of your mind has an effect on your level of intelligence. Fear of examinations has a way of telling on you. You might not be able to cover the whole syllabus, it doesn’t matter, build your confidence around the areas you were able to cover, do not panic for whatsoever reason. READ HERE ON HOW TO MANAGE TIME AND ENVIRONMENT FOR JAMB UTME 2016. AND ALSO 4 TACTICS TO SCORE HIGH IN JAMB UTME EXAMS.

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3. Forget about “JAMB Runs”:

This is actually meant to be a no-brainer but it has to be mentioned. Forget about “Upgrading jamb utme scores” or “getting expo during or before the exams”, it won’t work well for you. If you start now to nurse the idea of getting help from somewhere somehow, you may end up with “Had I Known’s”.

There are many self-glorified “JAMB gods” everywhere taking advantage of gullible JAMB UTME candidates. They will surely eventually convince some students, it’s inevitable, at least not yet. But it must not be you. Their offer may sound juicy but be aware that there is no short cut to success. With the current mode of UTME examination and how JAMB conduct the exam now, the possibility of cheating has been reduced, if not nullified. So get that idea off your mind.

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You can also download jamb utme cbt software.

4. In everything you do, diaris God:

You can never be prepared to the extent that God is no longer needed. Seeking God’s help whether you are prepared or not will do no harm, but a possible grace. At times, things go beyond human control. What if you break down with a sickness a day before your examination? What if you never get to see your result for no sensible reason? God forbid huh? This is where you need God to take over and work for you. Indirectly explaining how important prayer is.

These are some, not

all you need to pass JAMB UTME CBT Exam 2016

, with proper preparation and concentration, success is yours.

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  1. osazvicky

    to whom it may concern,please do not call any of the numbers being posted on net claiming to be jamb agents thereby asking you to pay money in exchange for jamb answers,upgrading,e.t.c (jamb runz) they are scam and all they do is collect money and give nothing in return

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