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Ways to Overcome Post UTME Exam Tension and Fear
19 Sep 2017

Ways to Overcome Post UTME Exam Tension and Fear

Every time we want to undertake an important task, there is always a degree of fear and tension involved especially in tasks where we can’t predict the outcome. But perhaps none strikes more fear into us than writing examinations. Some people have been known to get sick just from the fear and tension of taking an examination. It is usually referred to as “examination fever”

When writing your Post UTME exam, you are basically striving to score as high as you can and meet the cut off mark for your course. But this lofty goal can be denied you by exam tension and fear. A lot of students have the potential to score as high as 300 in their exam but the Post UTME exam tension and fear has handicapped them. They have imagined all sorts of bad scenarios in their head and the worst ones have taken hold of their minds. They’ve already failed in their heads before they get into the exam hall. So what causes this debilitating Post UTME exam tension and fear? Its mostly fear of failure. Of course, you can only get one of two results in the exam. Either you pass or you fail. But being scared about failing is almost certainly signing your own certificate of failure. So how can you overcome this exam tension and fear?

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How to Overcome Post UTME Exam Tension and Fear

It is quite impossible to want to write an exam without a degree of fear and tension. But you do need to overcome this fear if you want to perform well in the exam. Below are a few ways by which you can overcome your Post UTME exam tension and fear and score very well in your exam.


Number one, try to get a mentor. Get someone more experienced than you who can oversee your preparation, encourage you and boost your confidence. It is very important. When you get a mentor, it gives you stability. It helps to reduce the exam tension and fear in you, as your mentor will constantly encourage you and reassure you. And of course your mentor helps to prepare you well, so when it’s time for your Post UTME exam, all tension and fear is gone.

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Number two, get yourself enrolled in extra mural classes. Attend extra lessons and tutorial classes. There are a whole lot of Post UTME  classes you can attend and get quality preparation for your exam. If it’s a credible one ,their credibility will boost your confidence. You also get to meet and interact with other people who are having the same targets as you, thereby making it easier for you to work together and help each other out. This way you can overcome the Post UTME exam tension and fear easily.


Last, you need to get yourself Post UTME exam past questions and answers to work with. One of the best ways to prepare for the exam is by using past questions. It’ll help you immensely. And once you’ve prepared the best way there is, why should you be afraid of the exam? All exam tension and fear will most definitely be gone once you do this.

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So once you follow the above tips, you should be able overcome your exam tension and fear easily and blast your Post UTME


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