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Ways to Boost Your Confidence Post UTME Exams
20 Sep 2017

Ways to Boost Your Confidence Post UTME Exams

Post UTME exam is probably the toughest exam a candidate has to jump to gain admission into a tertiary institution. The exam is said to constitute at least 50% of the admission cut off marks of universities. So any student who stumbles over this hurdle should probably forget about gaining admission. But why do students stumble over this hurdle? One of the major reasons why students stumble over the hurdle of Post UTME exam is lack of confidence.

To be honest, most of them have got genuine reasons to lack confidence. Seeing a large number of people competing for a number of slots that amount to maybe only one-tenth of them can be disheartening. You don’t know the people in the crowd, so you start to assume they are all better than you. While this may be a bit good as it will make you work harder, once its starts to chips away at your confidence, you are courting disaster. So what’s the solution? Is there a way to boost your confidence before Post UTME exam? Yes there is, luckily for you. There are a number of ways by which you can boost your confidence before Post UTME exam. Here are some of them.

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How To Boost Confidence Prior To Your POST UTME EXAM

1. Know the Format of the POST UTME Examination: One of the major difficulties of the Post UTME exam is that, different schools have different formats for their exams. This leads to a majority of candidates not knowing the form in which their exam will be and this strikes fear into their hearts. They imagine the worst scenarios and lose their confidence. However, you need not panic. The best way for you to know the nature of the exam your preferred institution is doing is to get their past questions. Get the questions of the exams they’ve done and you can easily identify the format in which their exam comes. And then you can prepare properly. This will boost your confidence greatly. You can also talk to past successful candidates and ask them to relate their experiences to you. Thus might help you know what to expect and boost your confidence.

2 Believe in Yourself: The only way you can get through the exam successfully without making grave fear-induced mistakes is to believe in yourself. Have faith in yourself that you can do it. People have done it before and done is successfully, so you can too.

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3 Prepare Well for the POST UTME Exam: Nothing can take the place of good preparation in the buildup to any examination, Post UTME included. And nothing boosts self-confidence like knowing you’ve made the best preparation possible.

4. Get Yourself POST UTME Past Questions to Work With: Working with past questions reveals a lot about the exam format and style if the school and also gives a standard set of questions with which to test yourself. You can use the past questions to determine how far you’ve gone in your reading and how far you still need to go. Past questions are very very important. Make good use of them.

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If you do this, you’ll get a great boost of confidence and be able to face the exam more confidently. And then you are on your way to scoring the highest you can in the exam.

Make good use of these tips to boost your confidence and you won’t have problem with your Post UTME exam.



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