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21 Jan 2018

Why You Should Use Eduregard UTME CBT Software

Are you preparing for 2018 UTME? Take your preparation to the next level with Eduregard UTME CBT Software. It is a Computer-Based Testing and Learning application that’ll allow you find out how prepared you are for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. Basically, it ensures you are ready to write the examination.

Whatever the platform you favor, Eduregard UTME CBT Software is available for you. You can get the Windows version for your PC and Android version for your phone. What’s more, the 2018 update is now available.

Follow the outline below to download and use the Eduregard 2018 UTME CBT Software on your device. Let’s jump right in.

Eduregard UTME CBT Software For PC

This version of Eduregard UTME CBT Software is only available for Windows OS. You can test your readiness for the 2018 UTME with over 12,000 questions. Note that you will have to activate the software to use it.

Key Features

Here are some of the features of the PC version of the Nigerian Scholar UTME CBT software.

Authentic Practice Questions

The questions you’ll find in this UTME CBT software are authentic past questions from 15 subjects. It includes a detailed explanation. The most interesting thing is that, you can practice all four subjects at the same time and master it all within a short period.

You’ll also have access to the recommended literature with more than 350 possible questions.

Built-in Assistants

The Nigerian Scholar UTME CBT software has multiple built in assistants to make it easier to use. These assistants include;

  • An intelligent Personal Assistant
  • A Built in Calculator
  • Text to Speech Support

The intelligent personal assistant offers real-time advice on how to improve your practice score after each practice. It uses the text-to-speech support to tell you what topic to improve in a clear voice.

If you are doing Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Accounting, you’re in luck. The Nigerian Scholar UTME CBT software makes it unnecessary to leave its interface to crunch numbers. That’s right, there is an in-built calculator.

Flexibility of Use

After completing a practice exam, you get an in-depth analysis of how you performed and how to improve on it. Also, if there’s a question you wish to view later, use the bookmark option to keep it safe. Finally, you get to enjoy the choice of changing;

  • The Number of Questions
  • The Exam Year
  • The Exam Time
  • The Exam mode
  • The Username

After writing a practice exam, you’ll have access to a chart that shows you scores, number of questions attempted, answering speed, and time spent.

Ever-lasting Use

After activating this software, you don’t have to pay any additional fee. There is no subscription fee or hidden charges. As long as your PC is alive and functioning, the software is yours.

Other Features

The CBT engine offers a great display when you are answering questions. You’ll see passages, tables, images, superscript and subscripts clearly. All these and other special symbols are available in the question and option boxes.

After practice, you’ll have the option of either printing or saving your result.

There are also innovative learning tools available to users. The include MathSolver, MathTips, VOCABO, and EnglishKit.

Eduregard UTME CBT Software for Android


The Android version of Eduregard UTME CBT Software gives you access to 13,400 UTME questions offline. Like the PC version, it comes with a detailed explanation and bookmarking option.

Also, you can practice different questions at the same time and view the corrections too. All these great features are available on your Android device. It’s available for download in the Play Store. Don’t forget to activate it after download.

Here are some other features that make it the perfect practice companion for 2018 UTME.

Key Features

In addition to the features offered by the PC version of the Eduregard UTME CBT Software, the Android version offer other features which include,

User-friendly Interface

The mobile software as an interface that is quite easy to use. You get the cool features available on the PC version such as,

  • Practice more than one subject at a time
  • Shuffle questions and options
  • Pick exam year and number of questions
  • Detailed summary table, etc.

School Finder

This makes it easier for you to make an informed decision about which school to enroll into. You’ll also know which course of study is ideal for you.

All Subject Dictionary

The Android version of this CBT software gives you access to definition of terms across all major subject. That’s over 92,000 terms offline.


Using It For 2018 UTME

The Eduregard UTME CBT Software was designed to help you test your readiness level for the real exam. It offers you access to past questions from UTME, so you can be sure the questions are standard.

Not owning a PC is no excuse, just download the mobile version and you’re good to go. It would be a shame to fail the 2018 UTME when this software could have helped you pass. Open your head!


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