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29 Sep 2017

University of California, Berkeley IIS Undergraduate Merit Scholarships for International Students 2018

The Institute of International Studies (IIS) at UC Berkeley is trying to grant a progression of legitimacy grants of up to $2000 each to help undergrad explore in any region on worldwide examinations.

Application Deadline: Monday, thirteenth November, 2017.

Qualified Country: All

Qualified Fields of Study: International Studies and other related fields

About the Award: The Institute of International Studies (IIS) Undergraduate Merit Scholarship bolsters undergrad look into in any region of global investigations. Research might be directed freely, in consistency with a distinctions postulation, or while examining abroad. The grant beneficiaries will be called IIS Junior Scholars. In the wake of finishing their examination ventures, Junior Scholars are required to present a four-page look into outline and go to the IIS Junior Scholars Conference held in May 2017. Junior Scholars will introduce their work in publication organize at the meeting.

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Open to any UC Berkeley junior or senior with a base 3.5 GPA who has finished no less than one semester of concentrate in habitation at Berkeley.

All majors are qualified and urged to apply.

Estimation of Scholarship: Merit grants will be up to $2000 each with the opportunity to win an extra $1000 for Best Research Summary.

Step by step instructions to Apply: Candidates must present a one-page look into suggestion that locations:

The examination question;

Why it is imperative to the field of study;

Capability to lead the examination (i.e. related past or arranged coursework, dialects, and so on.);

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A preparatory research design (counting the arrangement for examine, i.e. amid EAP, as an autonomous investigation, and so forth.).

Moreover, applications must incorporate an informal transcript and one letter of proposal, which can originate from a GSI or employee. If you don’t mind ask your recommender to email the suggestion letter straightforwardly to iis.grants@berkeley.edu.

The application webform can be found here.

Critical Notes: Concurrent enlistment understudies are not qualified to apply.

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