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Top Quick Wins to Obtain your Dream Scholarship
9 May 2017

Top Quick Wins to Obtain your Dream Scholarship

Top Quick Wins to Obtain your Dream Scholarship

A scholarship can be a critical part of your plan of paying for education. Hundreds of students win scholarships every year and secure their educational future.

How to become one of them? Clearly, getting a scholarship requires a lot of effort. Well, why not start with small things and proceed to more complex ones?

If this plan sounds good for you, here are some quick wins that aim to help you to get your dream scholarship. Here we go!

#1. Begin right away

Before you even choose a college to attend, start looking for scholarships. Locating and applying for them take time and preparation. “The sooner the better” rule applies in this case because you have a lot of competition. Moreover, some scholarship programs have short deadlines, so finding them early gives you a better chance to win.

#2. Search everywhere

Look everywhere for scholarships – large or small! Prioritize large ones but don’t disregard the smaller ones. There are a number of places for the search, including the internet (federal agencies, state grant agency, library’s reference section etc.), bulletin boards outside counselor’s office, and even friends.

Let’s review some online resources. College Greenlight site is a popular source that allows to browse private & foundation scholarships by creating an account and specifying your area. Next, FastWeb is also a well-known site that offers a great amount of information about student financial aid, career planning, and scholarships.

Don’t forget to use the U.S. Department of Labor’s free scholarship search tool if you plan to study in the U.S. (there are over 7,000 scholarships available there!).

#3. Increase your chance of winning

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There are some things you can do to increase your odds of winning. For example, you can create a professional online experience to make a good impression on scholarship people. If they receive your application and click to see your profile on Facebook, it’s a chance to stand out! So delete all inappropriate posts and comments from there.

The same could be said about your email address, too. Ensure that it does not contain any inappropriate and offensive language.

Next, proofread your scholarship essay paper and application before sending them over to the decision makers. You don’t want them to discover silly grammar mistakes there.

Follow all directions and guidelines announced by the organization that grants the scholarship. A failure to do so may be perceived as indifference and lack of knowledge on the assigned area.

And, lastly, you can’t win if you don’t apply, right? Apply to as many scholarships as possible to improve your chances.

#4. Use your uniqueness to earn some money

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The organizations that provide scholarship are always looking for talented students who have a big future. They also provide them for vegans, left-handed, and athletes. In other words, they value their uniqueness.

So, the feature that makes you unique could help you get a scholarship! To get an advantage of this, think of what sets your application apart because that’s what the decision makers look for.

#5. Create application as soon as possible

Regardless of how much time you have before the deadline, always try to create the application quickly. Some organizations deliberately set very tight deadlines to determine how candidates can manage to complete a complex creative project within a limited time.

So it’s a good practice to submit everything as fast as possible. Moreover, there are lots of other applications to complete (we are applying to many scholarships, remember?), so you need to move quickly.

#6. Select scholarships that you can actually win

Even though we have decided to apply for as many scholarships as possible, we still need to be selective a little bit. By that, I don’t mean that you should not send you application to a couple of organizations but rather make a priority list.

The projects that should be prioritized are those that match your strongest skills. For example, if a scholarship has a strong match to your background, prioritize it. It will be easier and more fun to work on the required assignments.

The ones that you find a little bit more complex to get should be in the middle of your list. Here, you should include the most popular scholarships as well. They will probably get the most applications, so it’s harder to win them.

Let applying start!

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Getting a scholarship is a long and challenging process that requires you to do your best. Your preparation for the contest should begin long before you start to send applications because of two reasons. First, you need to increase your chances of winning by sending as many applications as possible. Second, you will have more time to prepare for other contests.

Feel free to use these tips to get some quick wins right away! The dream scholarship, here comes your winner!


Tom Jager is a professional blogger. He works at Awriter.  He has a degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him on G+  or   Facebook.

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