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11 Dec 2015

Top Nigerian States With Highest NYSC Payment

As at August 2015, there are some Nigerian states with the highest payment for corpers.
What state is the best to serve? Which state do you want to be posted to? Those aresome of the questions that run through the mind of a student in final year of undergraduate education across Nigeria. So we came up with the list of Top Nigerian States With Highest NYSC Payment.

Note that this list refers to what the state government pays, those working in private firms are likely to get more. Here is the list of the top 5 most paying states for NYSC.

Akwa Ibom – The highest for now, they pay #20, 000.
Lagos – Coming in second place is the almighty Lagos state, they pay #15, 000.
Enugu – Enugu, the 042 state is third place, Corps members are paid #10, 000 monthly.
Niger – In Niger state, the Corps members earn 6, 000 from the state government per month.
And coming in fifth place are several other states, all paying #5, 000 to their corps members. They are:

Osun, Ekiti, Ogun, Delta and Abia.

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Having made that clear, it is important to also make known that, doctors and others in the medical field, get paid significantly higher than those in other fields of study. With some states reportedly paying serving doctors, between #80, 000 – #100, 000. There are also several variations in how Youth Corps members get paid, some are paid at the end of the year, and others are paid monthly. Also, the amount may vary according to the area or level of government you are involved with. Some of our states do not even pay at all.

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A funny instance of the disparity is Bayelsa state, research shows that, Youth corps members are paid, #3, 000 if they are in Yenegoa, the state capital, #4, 000 if they are on the mainland, and #5, 000 if their primary assignment requires that they cross over the river.

It is however important to take note the main purpose of the National Youth Service Corps scheme, it should not always be about the money, may we all serve our country and make great impact on the environment, when it is our turn to do the great khaki.

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That should be all on Top Nigerian States With Highest NYSC Payment. However, you might also want to see NYSC CAMP REQUIREMENTS AND WHAT YOU WILL NEED FOR THE NYSC CAMP

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