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Top 10 Nigerian Companies For Internship Programmes 2017
8 Jun 2017

Top 10 Nigerian Companies For Internship Programmes 2017

An internship is an employment opportunity that is offered to students mostly undergraduates for a specific period. An internship is mainly to gain more knowledge, skills, and experience in a particular field. AACA can be regarded as the internship for accounting and other management students.

This brings us to note that most graduates that have been employed are those that have passed through one internship or the other since this gives them more ground, like a working experience to the organization where they have been offered employment.

The top 10 Nigerian companies for an internship are:

  1. Microsoft Nigeria
  2. Google
  3. Chevron Nigeria limited
  4. Shell Nigeria
  5. Oracle Nigeria
  6. Citi bank
  7. KPMG international
  9. Bakers Hughes company
  10. P and G (P&G)
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With a pay of $7816, $7405, $6000, $5640, $5157, $5154, $4735, $4703, $4550, $4500 respectively.

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