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top danderous jobs in nigeria
15 Jan 2016

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World 2017

Talking of the top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World 2016, are we talking of the most stressful jobs? or the most hazardous jobs? You will get to know in this post. So what are the most deadly jobs in the world? Sit back and read along :

Airline Pilots

Airline pilots are responsible for the safety of literally thousands of people every month. That’s quite the responsibility inherent with a job that’s also quite challenging. It’s no wonder Federal Aviation Regulations require aspiring pilots to take 6-to-8 weeks of on-the-job training on the ground before they can even take to the air.

Animal Care Workers

This refers mainly to zoo workers and animal handlers. The unpredictability of working with animals presents unique
risks for animal care workers. But like other dangerous jobs, with that risk comes great reward.

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“It is dangerous work, but someone has to do it, ” says Jme Thomas of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. “I wish sometimes that it wasn’t me, but then I know my work has meaning, more than most people ever dream.”

Construction workers

Construction sites are looming with potential hazards, which demand keen attention to detail for those at work. Still, accidents can happen – and accidents involving heavy machinery or high heights are incredibly dangerous. Roofer is similarly dangerous for many of the same reasons, and contributes to the overall danger in the construction industry, as outlined by the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.

Emergency Medical Technician

The lives of others are at risk for many of the calls EMTs take in a given work day. EMTs provide the first line of care for people in car accidents and other dire situations. But EMTs face risks of their own. Speeding through traffic or helicoptering into dangerous terrain is not out of the norm in this profession.

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Military Personnel

Enlisted military personnel face dangers unlike any other in the American workforce. Servicemen and women can be deployed into combat in foreign nations, or sent to assist in disaster zones around the country.


Still On Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World 2016


top danderous jobs in nigeria


Dropping into ravaging forest fires or running straight into blazing buildings goes against our natural instinct, but it’s what firefighters do on the job.

Trailer and Truck Drivers

The Department of Transportation has had to take drastic steps to improve the safety of working in trucking. The everyday dangers posed by driving around the country still make this one of the riskiest professions, despite limitations on hours drivers can log in a week.

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Though mechanization has improved conditions from years ago, lumberjack/logger’s work remains inherently dangerous. The combination of working with large machinery, falling debris and typically remote locations makes for a potentially hazardous environment.

Parole/Corrections Officers

Working behind-the-scenes of law enforcement, parole/corrections officers deal with some of the same dangerous people that make police work such a hazardous profession.

Police Officers

The BLS reports, “police officers have one of the highest rates of injuries and illnesses of all occupations.” Considering the nature of their work, it’s understandable. Police are charged with protecting the public welfare, and that requires a 24/7 schedule.


That would be all on  Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World 2016


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