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Tired of Work? 10 Tips to Help You Stay Positive
3 Jun 2017

Tired of Work? 10 Tips to Help You Stay Positive

You must have heard from some motivational speakers that people with positive mindset attract positive results. Whether you believe that or you consider it a myth, the truth is you ultimately choose what you believe. And whatever you choose to believe come with implications, attitudinal and mental consequences. Believe me, having a negative mindset is tiresome. You will stress yourself up unnecessarily. That’s not what you want in life.

Being positive doesn’t hurt. At all. As a matter of reality, leading a positive life is synonymous to a happy and fulfilled life. Your work is stressful enough on its own, don’t make it worst by worrying, pessimism and rage. Below are tips that will help you stay positive at work

1. Be grateful: In spite of the overwhelming challenges you face at every point in time, you have one thing to be grateful about. It could be for your someone who is always there for you, your kids who believe in you totally or even for life. There is always a reason to be grateful. Always be grateful. More to this, you can express gratitude to people who do even the slightest favor for you.

2. Have realistic goals: I understand that you are a big dream kind of person. It’s fine to be ambitious for as long as it doesn’t cost you your happiness. While you keep the big picture in the back of your mind, set goals that you can attain and give yourself enough time to achieve them.

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3. Build relationships: Spend time with you colleagues at work, get to know them. Connect with people. Isolation is not an option for you, rather, build social support with co-workers.

4. Learn a new language: learning a new language is a lucrative way of easing up stress. Besides, it boosts your cognition, offers you multiple dimensions to life and helps in your social skills. It takes your mind off the stress and rather channels the energy to something more beneficial.

5. Do good: Be nice to colleagues and subordinates. Give little aims, make a donation to an orphanage home. No, you don’t do this only when you have accumulated enough money. You could make it a habit. Giving to those who are in need gives you a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. It is not all about money. You could also pay compliments, give your time and support to somebody.

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6. Smile: Always smile. It’s never too much. Find excuses to laugh out loud too. This helps to maintain your sanity and dissipate stress. Smile at the gatekeeper (if you are not the gatekeeper), at the cashier, at a strange on the street, at you neighbors. Let people wonder why you’re always excited.

7. Exercise regularly: There is no better way to handle stress than regular exercise. You necessarily don’t need to buy time at the gym. You could just take a brisk walk daily for about 30 minutes. This alone increases blood circulation relaxes the muscles and builds bone mass. Another option is to ride a bicycle, which is more environmental-friendly, at the same time, exercises the body.

8. Make excuses for people’s fault: When you are hurt by colleagues or friends, do well to forgive before they ask to be forgiven. Make out an excuse for them. Maybe they were having a bad day, they don’t know what they do hurt you or that was the way s/he was brought up. Never keep people locked up in your heart, you will only end up hurting yourself.

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9. Focus on the bright side: There is no better way to stay positive than to never lose sight of the bright side of everything. The project you were assigned is stressful, but it offers you the opportunity to beat your limits. The traffic is jammed, it buys you more time to connect with that colleague with you in the car you never really listened to or to listen to some music or tapes. Look at every situation and point out the slightest benefit in it and exploit it.

10. Pray: The consciousness that you have a God who so loves you and is able to turn things around for your good is not just comforting, it is empowering. In the midst of a stressful day, spare time to whisper some words to God in prayers, believing He has your best interest at heart.

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