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Tips, Tools & Books To Make ESL Essay Writing Exciting and Effective
24 Jan 2017

Tips, Tools & Books To Make ESL Essay Writing Exciting and Effective

Tips, Tools & Books To Make ESL Essay Writing Exciting and Effective

For students who learn English as a second language,the essay writing process can be a daunting task. The process of forming honed writing skills is very complex, and it can be quite overwhelming for you to  practice skills in more than one language. However, whether the essay you are writing is for a scholarship, or college admittance, students must develop proper essay writing skills to reach their highest potential (no matter the level of difficulty).

Professors and educators should offer guidance for ESL essay writing. It does not have to be such a challenge, and with practice and motivation any student can master the rules. Teachers should help students to properly break down their assignments into practical sections, and should encourage the use of the following tips, tools and books as well.

Tips To Make Essay Writing Exciting and Effective

1. Outline all of your thoughts

Every good essay will have a solid foundation, and especially college admittance or scholarship essays. The writing needs to be structured and an outline of the paper, before students begin writing, is essential. For teachers who are educating ESL students, this process is even more imperative. Having a solid map to reference along the way will be important to student’s success and overall time management. Teachers should encourage and provide examples of graphs, web diagrams and bullet point lists for the structuring of all research material.

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2. Take a few risks

Be creative, be fun and take a risk or two. Teachers should educate students on the importance of individuality and original thought processes. Encourage them to think outside of the box and to form their own analytical and insightful points of view. Spark their imaginations and inspiration and help them learn how to grab the attention of college admittance professionals. This is also a great way to encourage students to be themselves and to form new, bold opinions of the world around them.

3. Be real, be yourself

Students need to be told about the seriousness of plagiarism. Not only can it ruin their college and academic career, but it will also destroy their chances of college acceptance and/or a scholarship. Always push students to be honest and true to their work and themselves. They may be busy, and writing an essay in a second language is a difficult task. However, college students need to learn how to manage the stress and workload. Help your students by offering them thorough proofreading and editing knowledge and personal support whenever possible.

4. Remain focused

You may write a first draft of a college essay on the bus, or at a local coffee shop on a napkin. It’s okay for students to write when inspiration strikes, however professors and educators need to be sure students understand how to buckle down, focus and complete a polished piece of writing. It’s easy to just list information, or become repetitive. And it’s human to make mistakes the first time. Help students understand that it’s in their own hands to keep their brain on topic. A successful and engaging essay will not stray from the point and will not contain commonly avoided mistakes.

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Tools To Make Essay Writing Exciting and Effective

Thesis Builder – If students are struggling with building a thesis or outlining for their essay, this tool can be a big help. Show students how to use the source and how to better understand the process of the essay from idea conception to completed paper.

Plagtracker – Teachers should use this tool to scan submitted work to be sure no students have plagiarized his or her writing. It’s also an excellent tool to encourage students to use, in order to quickly check that all references are correctly sited and no other mistakes have been made.

Essaypunch – Essay punch takes users through the entire essay writing process through interactive exercises. The site is a source teachers should encourage ESL students to use, as it helps with pre-writing and editing, as well as offering descriptive and persuasive writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing.

Books To Make Essay Writing Exciting and Effective

Writing Essays For Dummies (By Dr. Carrie Winstanley)

The “For Dummies” books are popular for a reason, they often are found to be very effective. And for ESL students, this book and book is a good reference for all of the ins and outs of essay writing. The book helps identify essay type (entrance exam or scholarship) and to plan and manage structure and citations.

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The College Guide To Essay Writing (By Jill Rossiter)

This guidebook has a natural flow and is easy to comprehend, especially for ESL students. The book explores the step-by-step process for writing college essays, and includes various elements of struggle for students like thesis statements, outlines and overall structure.

How To Write An Essay (By Alan Barker)

Teachers should recommend this book to students to help them better understand critical thinking skills and how to properly incorporate them into English language essays. The guidebook can help students to identify where to start and what style of language is appropriate, as well as what type of language will be most effective.

It’s important for teachers and professors to understand the struggles of students who are writing ESL essays. These students may require more attentive focus, or practice of the elements that make up an effective entrance or scholarship essay. And it’s imperative for success that they be able to communicate properly within their writing.

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