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2 Feb 2018

Things You Can Do While Waiting For NYSC Posting

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Waiting for NYSC posting can be quite boring at times, especially when you no longer get the fun you are use to getting while on campus. With no friends to relate to and no lecturer to gist about. life at these point could be excessively boring.
Now, when you are finding your post-graduate life too boring while waiting for NYSC posting, help yourself with these following tips.

1. Get a Part-time Job

One of the ways to make your life more interesting while waiting for NYSC posting is by looking to a part-time job just to kill time. Besides, there are a lot of skills set you could learn during this period.

2. Catch up with the TV series you’ve missed

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Now that you have no assignment and project supervisor to chase you around, you can relax and enjoy the series you’ve always wanted to watch without feeling guilty.

So, instead of sleeping away your idleness, get yourself those interesting series and occupy yourself with fun.

3. Read some books

While waiting for NYSC posting, you can start reading books about your field of interest. This, instead of sleeping all day will expand your knowledge in that field.

4. Learn something new

Of course, your degree shouldn’t be the end of learning. Having spent four, five or seven years (depending on the course) studying a course in the university or polytechnic, you can still learn something new and very interesting.

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With so much free time between your graduation and NYSC posting, you can learn a new language, new skill, and instrument. And guess what…the new skill set can be added to your CV.

5. Make some friends

Hey, you don’t have to hole up in your room all day waiting for NYSC posting, if you aren’t watching any series or reading any book, just throw yourself out there and make new friends.

6. Travel

Travel, travel just travel. Visit old friends, go to neighboring states you’ve not been before. Leave your community and see life in other areas. Travelling gives you the opportunity to know about other places. Just travel and enjoy yourself.

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