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13 Jun 2015

Things Unemployed Graduates In Nigeria Should Know

Having gone through What Unemployed Graduates Pass Through In Nigeria , these are some of the Things Unemployed Graduates In Nigeria Should Know.

  • Update your skills and competencies
  • : Read up Why Nigerian Graduates Are Unemployable to get more insight on this point.

  • Be ready to take up unprofessional jobs
  • : Get off your high horse and leave the pride till when things get better. Do not attach your self-esteem to your job in order not to get your self esteem plunged when you suddenly find yourself employed without a professional job. Though it’s obvious our society has typically regarded and referred to doctors, bankers, lawyers, engineers, and oil company employees with a lot more respect than individuals in other professions. But here’s the deal: there is a lot of value and learning opportunities gleaned with experiences to gather from nonprofessional jobs that can help you get your next professional job.

  • Volunteer to take up jobs that might not even get you paid
  • : This is a means of getting your mind engaged. It also bespeaks the fact that you can take up any job no matter the pay and still be dedicated. It can be the key to your closed door of employment opportunity as potential employers might notice and appreciate your effort. What you can achieve doing this cannot be over-estimated, a trial might convince you.

  • In everything you do, diaris God
  • : Confess this prayer excerpt every morning to help you stay grounded and connected to God, the Source of everything :

    Dear God,
    I pray and ask for your love, guidance and support
    in helping me to find meaningful work that will make
    good use of the skills and abilities you have given me.
    Help me to stay positive, hopeful and awake to new
    possibilities. Give me strength, courage, faith and trust
    that everything is unfolding perfectly for my highest good.
    Help me to receive into my life all the resources that I need
    – mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially – so that I
    may experience sufficiency, ease and grace. May I be free
    from fear of lack and limitation. I surrender this to you
    and trust that all my needs are always met. Thank you for
    the blessings you have given me, for your light, your love and
    your protection on my life, my family and our home on earth.
    I consider it done, and so it is.

    People often say that confessions don’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.

Get started today and the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, you don’t miss but make attempts of the ones you take.


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