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31 Aug 2017

Thesis Writing: How to Put Yourself Together and Write?

Thesis Writing: How to Put Yourself Together and Write It?

Ask any graduate that you know of, no matter the field one was in, the coursework and challenging exams, are one of the easy parts of a school. When it comes to thesis writing, you need to be ready to conduct extensive research, collect data, and be able to present your findings to a select committee.

It isn’t as simple as an essay writing assignment. With an essay, you have the topic of the article and the only task for you is to write the material. In the case of a thesis, you have to come up with a topic and body of the subject. Say, a thesis on immigration.

Many people have difficulty in being able to use all they have learned over the years, and summarize it in a few pages. Below are ways to help you get started on writing a thesis:


  • Understand the Question you are asking in your thesis

It is possible that at the time you are to write your dissertation, you haven’t fully made up your mind on what you will tackle. However, it is important to be able to summarize your thesis using a single sentence. In that, you will be able to focus your research on that particular question and finding answers to it.

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Yes, some students have been able to graduate after doing several projects and combining them into a thesis. Such a direction will only put you at the mercy of the committee. Write the sentence that summarizes your arguments, and place it in a position where you will be able to see it every day until it is engraved in your memory.


  • Look for applications that will make your work easier

You may be worried about your organizational or time management skills which are critical to successfully finishing a dissertation paper. If it is so with you, you should be daunted by this so much. Some apps will make your life easier and help to make your illegal immigration thesis writing, a breeze.

I would make use of the Evernote, Trello, StayFocusd, etc., apps to efficiently write my thesis. The Evernote app is a useful note-taking and organizational tool. Trello is good at managing a project as you can pin any of your outstanding tasks, on a board.


  • Divide your work into smaller sections

No one can complete writing a thesis in a single day. Even Rome wasn’t built in one day. You have to purpose to accomplish a particular milestone each day. For you to achieve this, then, you have to divide the dissertation into different sections which you can divide them further again.

In any thesis, you have to start with knowing what question your argument is trying to answer. The next stage is data collection, the analysis then polishing the final draft. Don’t be too stuck in using the proper grammar or structure of sentences; this is an easy task which you can handle at the last stages of the dissertation writing.

When you decide to write; jot down as many ideas as you have. You will revise grammar and sentence structure later.


  • Don’t wait to get inspiration to start writing
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It is a common belief that the ideal time to write is when and if you have inspiration. However, in the case of writing a thesis, having the looming deadline at the back of your mind is going to affect the would-be inspiration. Also, you can’t wait until the final days of submission to start working, that’s a costly move.

Purpose to write whether you have inspiration or ideas. If you are feeling stuck, try and do some free writing. As you write, you are going to get a few ideas to add to your research. When you have writer’s block, go out and find inspiration by listening to music or even watching a movie that will give you the urge to start writing.


  • You don’t have to follow a particular order in writing your dissertation
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Let no one convince you that you have to write your paper in any particular order, especially by starting with the introduction. It is the hardest hurdle for many as it is a summary of your research. Let’s be real, it isn’t possible to summarize a concept that you have no idea, what it is about, can you?

Most students agree that the methods section is the easiest part of writing a research paper. Start with the easy sections as you progress with the difficult parts. The easy part of the thesis will motivate you to keep going, and you will be able to handle even the most difficult sections.

It is ideal to save the Introduction and Conclusion, for last.



Even as you work on completing your dissertation promptly, remember to reward yourself for any milestones covered. An award will go a long way in motivating you to finish one milestone or section after the other. Before you know it, you will be through with the writing.

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