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30 Nov 2015

The Secrets to Getting A Job Even In A Dwindling Economy

Do you believe there are no jobs and that the situation is terrible?

Lately, I was going through some statistics and the results were totally alarming.
Right now in Nigeria:

         The unemployment rate is 8.2%
         25million Nigerian youth is currently unemployed
         2million Nigerians are currently under-employed.
This statistics is alarming and it reminded me of a joke I heard some few months back. It tells the story of a Nigerian youth pre-NYSC and post NYSC.
The following questions was asked: “How much do you want to earn when you starting working”.

Pre-NYSC =’N500, 000 per month’.
Post NYSC = ‘N100, 000’
Few Months later = ‘Please just give me a job’.

Reading this post, you might begin to think that the future is bleak and that there is no hope, That the best thing you can do is give up and give in like most people do.

Today I am here to tell you that there is hope and that you can get a job no matter what the economic situation is.

The fact is not that there is no job but that “You do not have access to secrets and tips that can help you land a job”.  This is what I seek to throw a little light on today.

How to Get A Job in A Dwindling Economy

1.       Be Prepared
Have you heard the quote that “getting a job is a job in itself”? This is a truth even those of us who are working wished we have known before now.
The challenge is simply that most of the time you are not prepared for a job and luckily today’s landscape provides a great opportunity for everyone. You have access to loads of information that can help you navigate today’s labor market. There are numerous places you can get real advice to help you search for and land a job. I recently compiled a great resource that you can use to learn how to build a successful career but let me briefly share some of the things you should start doing now if you want to get a job. Sometimes later I will expand more on it.
         Superior information – You need access to superior information like who is hiring and where?
         Understanding of the hiring process – You need to understand the stage of a recruitment process.
         Job search plan – You must have a job search plan.
2.       What Skills Do You Have?
Want a job? Then you need to have different skills.
Have you ever notified that some people seem to move from job to job while others find it difficult to even get one?
This is not luck or pure chance? This is just due to plain preparedness. Are you an accountant? Then get an ICAN certification?
Are you a web developer then add photography skills to what you know.
Are you a marketer, go then digital marketing.
No matter what you do today, learn comparative skills that can give you an edge within your chosen industry.
Take a look briefly at today’s world. Things are changing. Employers are not looking for a one-striated employee. They are looking for employee who has more than one skill to offer. Technology is also re-shaping the way we think or act.  Look for a technological skill you are interested in and relevant to your industry and start learning it today. That skill might just be what helps you land that job.
3.       Personal Branding
Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group or organization.

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First impression they say lasts longer. This is true. Today’s job seeker will prepare for an interview, but they forget one part of the preparation- online presence and the effect on their personal brand.

Job hunter and potential employers will always check you out online. I remember sitting down in front of my present employer and during one of the discussions, she asked me if I was on Linkedin.

I said yes and then she asked for my profile id. Come to think of it. Here I was right in front of a recruiter and she was looking at my profile.

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Now imagine, a situation where your potential employer is checking you out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram?
What will they see? How will they perceive you? What message is your social media presence passing along?
90% of potential employers will first check you out on LinkedIn to decide if you are worth inviting for an interview.  It is important then that you setup a good LinkedIn presence and make sure that whatever you do not want your employer to see, is not on your social media page.
4.       Network
Finally, learn to network. A man’s future is determined by the quality of people in his network. Are the people in your circle, capable of helping you get a job?
Is everyone in your network the same people you used to know 5years or 3 years ago?
The secret to a successful life is building a great network.  Any time you get on LinkedIn again, why not connect with someone who works in the company where you want a job?
Getting a job is serious business and should be treated as such. The good news is that you can get a job no matter what anyone is saying if you follow the tips in this article.
To A successful Career!
Author’s bio
Muyiwa Oyadiaro is the lead recruitment officer at ICS Limited. You can connect with him on LinkedIn

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