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eduregard essay contest 2017
12 Oct 2017


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In   our  society  today  everybody  wants  to  get  a  degree  or  go  through  school  but  the  question  is why?

Maybe  probably  they  think  it  increases  their  chances  of  opportunities’  and  give  them  an  easy  life  or  even  make  their  parents  proud, Yes  this  is  the  popular  belief  we  all  grew  up  with  believing  the  school  system  is the  mother of  education.  Then if  so  why  is  everyone  going  to   school  and  not  being  educated   when  we   know  and  believe  education  is the  key? I  personally  will  disagree  with  the  concept  of  the  school  system  because if  the  men  as  of  old  were  to  be  essentially  school  they  wouldn’t  have  been  educated

Let’s  take  a  look at  Albert Einstein  he  is  popularly  known  as  the  father  of  physics,  we  all  how  it turned  out  for  him  academically wise.  But look at  a man that wasn’t formerly  trained  in school  had  what  he  knew  taught  in  school, and  they  claim  to tell  us  if  “we don’t go to school we won’t be succeed’’ we  tend to forget  that a person that used  peoples  opinion to pass an exam  isn’t educated  but  schooled am not saying  school is evil and  there’s  nothing  to gain  all am  saying  is  if  there  was  a  family  tree  hard work and  education  will be  related  but  school  will  probably  be  a  distant  cousin  because  an  educated  man  isn’t  a  man  that  is  told  what  to  think  but  a man  that   is  taught  how  to  think  .

I  don’t  know  if  I  can  ask the  school  system  a question ,  are you proud of the things you’ve done? Turning millions of people into robot, do you find that fun?  And yet we still  believe  the system  educates  us , although  it  may  give  opportunities  of  getting  jobs  yes,  no  doubt  what  the  system  doesn’t  do  is  educating  us  in the  sense it tends to forget  every  individual  has  different  gift ,  different  skills ,  different abilities  and  different dream  but  still teaches  all these  people  the same thing in  the  same  way ‘school is simply an ancient institution that has out lived it’s usage. Because the same system since a hundred and fifty years ago is still in use  you  see  in  literally  more  than  a century  nothing  has  changed, you see the world  has  progressed  and  now we need people who can actually teach others how to think  Creatively, Innovatively, Independently and Critically with the ability to  connect and know what they  really  have  inside. A scientist will tell you  no  two  brains  are  the  same  and  a mother with  two  or  more  children  will confirm that  claim, if  we can  actually  believe  and  know  if  a doctor  prescribe  the  exact  same  drug  on  all  of  his patients  the  result  will be   tragic,  then why  can’t we  also  believe  that  this  is  the  same  ‘permit  me  to  use  the  word  culture, ‘as the school  system.

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Because all this  student  have different abilities  and they are still taught  the  same  thing  the  same  way.

lets help educate  our  younger  generation (student)  achieve their aim  though they  maybe 20% of our  population, but  they  are  100%  of  our future. Let’s  take  away  the  school spirit  its nonsense  and lets prepare them for the future  instead  of  the  past . George  Bush said  and  I quote  ‘education  is  about  inspiring  one’s  mind  not just  filling  their head’ with  the  school system  still leading  the fate  of  education still remains  highly  unpredictable.

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