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11 May 2018

The Benefits of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

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The Nigerian National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a scheme that was created by the government to inspire and involve the youth in the development of the country.

The NYSC is a Nigerian government program that’s designed to involve the graduates in the unity and development of the country. It started in 1973 following the civil war (Biafra), with the aim of promoting National cohesion. National Youth Service was created in an attempt to “reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the nation after the war.

While there’s no military conscription in Nigeria, all university and polytechnic graduates are required to be part of the National Youth Service Corps program for one year, before they can pursue their respective careers.

Note that although the program was initially meant for graduates of polytechnics, universities and college education, it has been sized down to only accommodate graduates of polytechnics and universities.

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Once a person joins the program, they are sent to the furthest cities with the intention of exposing them to other tribes as well as family and social backgrounds. This way, they can learn the traditions and norms of the people living in the areas where they’re posted. These exchange programs are expected to bring about cohesion in Nigeria and also help the youths to appreciate other tribes in the country.

Corp members spend about three weeks in the military controlled boot camp away from family and friends for orientation purposes, before they’re sent to the field. And once they’re done serving the one year, and completing the assignment, they then go through a passing out ceremony.


The objectives of NYSC

The program aims at:

i. Instilling discipline to Nigerian youths by inculcating a tradition of the industry at work, and that of loyal and patriotic service to the country in all situations they find themselves in.

ii. Raising the moral standard of the youths by providing them with the chance to learn about the country’s achievements, along with cultural and social improvement

iii. Helping to develop the right attitudes in the minds of Nigerian youths, through suitable training and sharing of experience – this will make them more open to mobilization in the interest of the nation.

iv. Enabling the youth to be self-dependent which is key to self-employment

v. Diluting the religious intolerances through interaction – The mingling with other tribes, cultures, and religion helps one to understand and appreciate the others more.

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vi. Exposing the Nigerian youth to people of different social classes (rich or poor) so they can appreciate the nation’s diversity

vii. Eliminating prejudice and ignorance and confirming first hand that there’s plenty of similarities in all ethnic groups in the country.

viii. Contributing to the accelerated growth of country’s economy

All youths, who hope to be employed by the government are to go through the entire NYSC program. The only exception is for graduates who are disabled or are above 30 years of age. Finishing the service entitles one to employment.

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