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9 Jun 2017

How Technology Is Boosting The Intelligence Of Students?

How is technology boosting the intelligence in students?

Intelligence isn’t an inborn feature of human personality. Instead, it is a craft which can be mastered through avid learning. In the present era, education demands a lot of effort and hard work from students. Today, students are required to study different subjects in each semester/term. This needs them to be sharp with their knowledge and the skills to play with it.

Technology is playing a crucial part in boosting the intelligence in students. This is because of the vast information available on the internet coupled with an ease of sharing ideas and information among the masses belonging to different parts of the world. Today students studying in Madrid can get their hands on the papers published in Tokyo. Similarly, students learning in Sydney can readily discuss their ideas and associated problems with some professor teaching at a university in New York.

With each passing day, we witness how technology is reshaping the modes of teaching among tutors and of learning among students. And this merely is a beginning. The zenith to this magnificent stride is long due. In this piece of writing, we will shed some light on the ways technology is boosting the intelligence in students.

Availability of Information

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Access to an excess of information helps you increase your knowledge which goes on to help you improve your intelligence. More the knowledge, better the intelligence. So, the availability of vast amount of information over the internet is helping students raise the bars of their competence.

The Internet is littered with all sorts of information. Every day, hundreds of researches are carried out with thousands of papers published on them. Presence of such papers, journals, magazines, and online books help students increase their knowledge. Students can download and share every type of information they need.

Improved Connectivity

Connectivity leads to elevated levels of communication which then result in cooperation. This cooperation then results in collaboration. Same thing is happening in the realm of education today.

Due to the presence of internet, there is an improved connectivity between students. This results in sharing of information, reading materials, assignments, and all sorts of other fruitful things. This sharing of ideas and information isn’t restricted to students only.

Teachers are also connected over the internet, sharing their thoughts on how school environment and associated learning can be improved. This, ultimately, is in the greater benefit of the students.

Tech. Initiatives by Community Stakeholders

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Private ventures are coming to the fore with their technological initiatives to help students boost their knowledge and intelligence. One glaring example is of Amazon Prime which helps institutes collaborate for mutual progress. It allows one institute to benchmark its features with that of the others. This way institutes pick positives from others and introduce them in their systems.

Moreover, Amazon Prime is beneficial for individual students and teachers as well. Students can find cheap books, publications, and other learning material for gaining knowledge.

Computer Aided Learning

Technology is also helping students when it comes to learning. Computer aided learning makes things easy for students due to which they increase in their knowledge. Learning Tools and Software help tutors design course work for each individual student according to his/her capabilities.

Secondly, these tools allow you to monitor the progress of every student at each step which also helps students in their capacity building.

Elevated Competition

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Inventions equally affect everyone, no matter which part of the world you belong to. This means that whole world is your playground and everyone within your competition. So, you need to stay ahead of others. Being just an average doesn’t work anymore instead you need to be extraordinary at everything.

This sort of mindset is prevailing at the moment across the globe. This has resulted in some sort of competition which is healthy in a sense as it urges students to raise their standards. Today’s students aren’t just learners but inventors. And they want their inventions to become global sensations. Every student wants to introduce the world to something new.

This has set the parameters quite high for everyone. In one way or the other, it has helped boost the intelligence in students because students are ready to work hard for achieving maximum.

Author Bio: Ashton Reed holds a Master’s Degree in Education. Previously he served as a high school teacher. Currently, he is working with the Planning Division of Education Department. He also writes blogs at website Do My Homework For Me.


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