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13 Aug 2016

#TeamOAU Have You Heard Of Foodie.com.ng? Your One-Stop Online Restaurant

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If I was a Gardener, I would say this is as sweet as honeysuckle, if I was a Month enthusiast, I would say it is as sweet as the lilies in May, if I was a musician, I would say it is as sweet as spring's first song heard in the grove's retreat, well, maybe I should incarnate Edwin Arnold and say, this new come-around,   Foodie.com.ng is as sweet as the last smile of sunset.

Am I sounding too good to be truthful? Well, I’m not here to bore you with some lengthy juxtapositions of unjustifiable vowels and consonants, as a million words will never fill a bushel, let me get down to the point :

Foodie.com.ng is an online eatery focused on satisfying customers with delicious meals through a web platform coupled with a mobile application vis-a-vis timely delivery within the geographical location of Obafemi Awolowo University. Now, are you feeling the feel?

Now, Here Is The Problem Statement
Subsequent to an extensive study which was carried out on customers' satisfaction concerning food on Oau campus, it was factorized out that the restaurants which are of minimal distance to the halls of residence and academic horizons provide food of questionable quality while those far from the aforementioned areas provide food of higher quality, hence, students tend to spend extra time and purchasing power just to get some good taste of food..

Now, Foodie.com.ng Provides A Solution
Foode.com.ng has a top notch kitchen that cooks a wide range of delicacies, situated at Zone C, New Market; and a customer-friendly interfacing application (mobile & web) that will display available meals to customers, who can consequently order and get the food delivered in no time. Trust me, you need not to leave the comfort of your hostel to get available delicacies.

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Now, Concerning Their Delivery System
A timely delivery system with a perfect understanding of the logistics involved in getting food to the customers as quick as possible, without compromising quality.

Does something sound better?? I doubt it!

Clearly,   Foodie.com.ng is here to relate food with the evolving digital take-over, best is what can be said about the benefits they provide, coupled with some amazing features you can never find elsewhere.

What more can I say.?

As at the time of publication, we are awaiting the grand launch of Foodie.com.ng, which is on the 19th Of August, 2016 : at Foodie Factory, Zone C, New Market, by 6pm prompt. Hosting the ground this day will be VJ Sleekie, and the event shall be coupled with some mouth-watering ovations, some of which are : Omo Ake Listening Party (Jaido P FT Chinko), Food exhibition, Tech exhibition, Music band live performance, Foodie App Launch and many more…Good news is, ticket is Just #500 (Standard Meal Inclusive).

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Now, as we await this day, endeavour to keep to memory, the keyword, FOODIE.COM.NG, and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @FoodieNig.


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