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22 May 2017

Talent VS Hardwork – Which Is More Important?

A raging debate has been going on forever among academics and intellectuals on this topic. This topic is so hot it is one of the favorite topics of debate organizers everywhere. People just can’t seem to get past whether their lack of talent is their problem or they simply aren’t hardworking enough.

Simply put, talent is the innate ability to be a blue to perform a task very well, an inborn aptitude to a particular activity be it sports, entertainment or learning, while hardworking is the diligent, committed and relentless pursuit and/or performance of a task.

To the million dollar question, to determine whether talent or hardworking is more important in the pursuit of success is not easy. Several debates have been organized over the years on this topic and even though one party may be pronounced winner, it is in reality always a stalemate. In a debate I attended sometimes ago, a speaker speaking in favor of talent brought forward the point that “ talented people are able to do things which other people find difficult effortlessly and this aids them tremendously in their pursuit of success. They also have their life set out for them due to their talent and do not have to worry about making the decision of what to do in life.” His opponent, speaking for hardworking, replied him saying “ even though talented people are able to do things easily, they still have to work hard to turn their talent into more than just a hobby they are good at. And they have to work even harder to keep their talent from slipping away from them. Also a lot of people become successful at things they are not particularly talented at, simply because they are hardworking and dogged and shrewd enough to make something out of what they do.” They both have cogent points don’t you think? And their views are both practical? So how do we know which is more important?

Personally, I believe that hardworking holds the upper hand in the pursuit of success. That importance of hardworking simply can’t be stretched enough. People who are talented may have caught a lucky break and had their pot sweetened by having the talent thrown in, but even they have to work hard to turn that luck into success and they have to work even harder to keep their talent in shape, in a manner of speaking. This translates to the fact that hardworking is a necessity. A lazy person, no matter how talented, may find himself not making anything out of his talent because he hasn’t worked at it and a hardworking person even if he has no talent has every reason to be successful as long as he is smart with his hardworking.


So, a salute to all the talented people out there. Y’all got lucky and you’d better make sure you don’t waste your luck. And to all the hardworking people out there, talented or not, y’all have every reason to be successful and I pray success becomes a norm and not a rarity for you. As for me, I’m just gonna go on and keep working my talentless ass off. Catch y’all later.

Hasta LaVistawork

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