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How To Take Notes In Class
11 Jun 2017

How To Take Notes In Class – Best Practices For Undergraduates

Notes taking in class is as important as attending the class. Note taking helps in numerous ways and I have a friend who says that “most times she remembers what she writes than what she reads” and this confirms the saying that “our brain recognizes our handwriting” so here I will be giving some tips on how to take notes in class as an undergraduate.

Firstly, some lecturers are expository, that is, they only give out key information, subject matters and so on. In such case, all you have to do is to listen attentively so as to make your jottings because virtually everything the lecturer says is the KEY and so we have to note them and work on the jottings personal.

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Secondly, we have lecturers who teach, that is, they give detailed information about what they are passing across, and we also need to make jottings and this may necessitate a heavy volume of note and most times these lecturers value their notes, that is the probability of test and exam questions coming out from their note is very high.

Lastly, would like to enlighten us on how to take down notes,

Heading – this is very important in any jotting as this will aid easy identification.

Subheadings – these are also necessary because this groups our jottings and enlightens us on what we are reading

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Points – this is the most important part of all because while reading we have to note all the points in the note especially when the test or exam is German.

That’s that on: How To Take Notes In Class – Best Practices For Undergraduates

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