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eduregard essay contest 2017
14 Oct 2017


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Have you ever felt the need to survive? Have you ever driven on an endless road waiting to find your bus stop?  Or is your own road blocked with the great walls of china and all you can think of is to pull it down. The only reason why I love writing is because it gives me the opportunity to see life through the eyes of various people and because of that I tend to create excuses for people in any situation they find themselves, owing to the fact that when I put myself in their shoes, I see things and understand them through their own perspective and lifestyle. Talking about lifestyle, one of the most talked about and interesting lifestyles in our world today is the life style of the leaders of tomorrow; the young ones, the students.
Examination! That period that runs cold shivers down the spines of students, is one hell of a period. The anticipation that comes before an examination is one tale every student know how to tell. Someone once said that examination is not a test of knowledge but how true is that?
Examination is a good thing; it helps you know your level of understanding after a period of lecture. It has a way of crowning your effort with success when you have prepared very well for it. In selecting candidates for a job, only the best are choosing for it, but without examinations, we find quacks everywhere.
All the benefits of examination can only be viewed from the perspective of someone who is a genius in his academics. But looking at it through the eyes of an average student, examination is most of the time never a good story to tell. You are been thought various topics for months or probably years and your expected to put down all you’ve learnt in few hours in an examination hall, and when the results are out, it’s not enticing.
Some of them would say they did not prepare due to one fatality or the other. Too much house chores preventing them from reading, some might say it’s over confidence, the rich guys would say it not important, after all they can buy their way out, some of them could not even write the exam, due to illness or nonpayment of fees, some of them lost their notes or maybe it got stolen and could not read for the exam. Sometimes it’s just the fear of failure that makes others fall. Some might say it’s a spiritual problem or they have issues been lucky. Others gave up due to depression and emotional instability; probably they got a call from home saying your mother is dead, while some don’t even have an explanation for it.
Knowledge is power, to be intelligent is a blessing and parents derive joy in exhibiting an intelligent child, but understanding the fact that passing an examination does not guarantee affluence and success in life and at the same time, been dull can be a bridge to success. Most students are not bright enough to be a part of the education system, but because education is the best legacy, that is why they all force their way into it with or without the brains. After students fail exams and fail their parents, most of them take it with good faith, some of them would feel it’s the end, but others would stand up and continue, after all the need to make it in life is what matters, they must survive the pain and move on. Some intelligent ones do not have money to further their education in the higher institution, but what about those that have the opportunity, do they make use of it?
most of us go to church for prayers, some to the mosque and others to the shrine, but at the end of it all, it really does not matter who lays hand on you, all it takes is believe in yourself.
Every body has an inner pain and most of them would give up but the ability to suppress it and strive to survive and succeed makes you a student.
Life is just like a gamble with no assurances of winning.  I’ve been through the worst of pain, but do you know what kept me standing and what is still keeping me standing?  “Faith and believe in myself”. Remember; the pages of your life is still been written, write that beautiful ending you want.

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