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How To Survive Masculine Pressure As A Pretty Lady On Campus
23 Jun 2017

How To Survive Masculine Pressure As A Pretty Lady On Campus

Been a pretty lady on campus is a good thing since you are like the order of the day or like the most sought after, but most times the pressure is always too much and we ladies love to slay (look good). But you shouldn’t be a pretty lady without something nice in the brain because this is the part that makes you unique and how to survive this pressure includes:-

Repackage yourself– Here I mean as a pretty lady you have to be official, you have to know how you carry yourself, you should be aware that as an official lady there are some things you should say and not say. As a pretty lady definitely a lot of guys will be after you but that’s where been official comes in and you don’t just do things anyhow and like I said earlier, you must be intelligent to be official.

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Mind where you go– As a pretty lady you shouldn’t be seen everywhere, you should be able to select where you go and where you don’t go. For instance, if you are meant to be in the lecture room and instead you are out there walking about or doing nothing useful. So make sure you are at the right place at the right time.

Humility– As a lady on campus, you should know that humility is a great key that opens many doors. In short, when you are humble you will be able to cope with pressures on campus “your personality speaks more of you”.

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Be a lady of vision– A lady of vision is a lady who knows why she is in school and knows how great she would like to become in the future. So I know for sure when you are a lady who knows your aim, you would be able to survive pressure on campus, since in every step you take you to have your aim in view so “BE A LADY OF VISION“.

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