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How To Survive An Annoying Roommate In The School Hostel
18 May 2017

How To Survive An Annoying Roommate In The School Hostel

Roommates are people of importance as they in one way or the other contribute to one’s life on campus. Although this applies mainly to those who are living in school hostels and for at least a year they are the ones who know and can tell more about you. So the question is how do you survive the annoying roommates on campus.

Basically, at one time or the other you meet an annoying roommate and it is very important that when you are in a room you do away with superiority or inferiority complex, that been rule number one. when you have a roommate that is always getting on our nerves, who gets angry at every little thing or throws things anyhow not minding if it liters anywhere or she is a type that talks anyhow and even interrupts matters not concerning them, I know it can be so annoying but all you just have to do is to limit your interaction with them if it warrants and reserve any argument or fight quickly with meekness and love since you and your roommate will be of help to one another in a number of ways.

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Rule number two is to make sure that there is an agreement, although this second rule applies more when you are sharing the room with one or two persons. Trust me an agreement will help you go a long way in setting limits. An agreement here may be verbal or more preferably written but am sure the verbal will be more convenient.

Lastly, make sure you understand each other perfectly before judging, and also try and have a conversation with your roommate concerning things you will like him/her to change but not in a harsh voice but instead in a cool and calm way that he/she would not hold an offense.

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