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eduregard essay contest 2017
9 Oct 2017


Some people have a believe that attending lectures should be optional, but I really don’t share in their kind of thoughts.Although self study is a good way to acquire knowledge but to be able to “stand out” about doubting issues among colleagues, student’s, I believe,need to attend lectures.lecture is an environment that welcomes other people’s ideas and they stand to be corrected if wrong or otherwise.I have no knowledge of how a university student can expect to learn much and have enormous experience in his or her “Discipline”. As for me,I believe in the fact that attending lectures,pays more than studying without a guide.


In lectures,students receive a great benefit of the lecturer’s knowledge. The lecturer goes as far as he can to be sure the student’s understand as he /she keeps proceeding. Although students,have their reasons of not  attending lectures,but if they are present and attentive they will assimilate what seems to be difficult to them in a short time. The lecturer in order to be sure the student’s assimilate, may decide to present opposing questions that go a long way, helping the students think critically and absorb the knowledge the lecturer has impacted.Professor’s can lecture student’s a lot of things that are not written in the books,especially how to address questions fast .Books does offer concentrated ideas.


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The lecturer also try to show the student’s present in lectures several methodology.For an unforgettable understanding,how to find information from several sources?.How to apply what they have been taught into practice? In other words, if there is no lecturer to lead the student’s to the right path,the student’s might waste much time in search of a particular information.


My final reason,on the student’s attending lectures.Is that it can train students to be responsible in any position they find themselves in the future and have good knowledge of teamwork. “Because nobody was born and will ever be an island”.Student’s will benefit from Seminar and group discussions with their colleagues when they don’t option out of lecturers.The lecturer may decide to invite guest speakers to give the student’s extra information from other prospects to broaden their knowledge.In lecturer’s the student’s may be given some group assignments. To achieve the best solutions to the given assignments, they will know their respective contribution and cooperate with others and also learn from each other,because each student is blessed with a different background, manner of approaching a question, strong points and experience.

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In conclusion, student’s attending lectures can give you the greater opportunity of learning new ideas, that will go a long run to impact people. In short,one must attend lectures to be able to defend,thoughtful,correct and share great ideas and understand enough in addressing doubting issues from people on your “Discipline and General knowledge”.Lecture shouldn’t be optional,but necessary part of university student.

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