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25 Jun 2016

As A Student – 5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Off Campus

As A Student – 5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Off Campus

Subsequent to a previous post on 7 Factors To Consider If You Want To Stay Off Campus, here is another piece for you as a student – 5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Off Campus.

As a student, most would agree that off campus lodging is superior to the school owned hostels. The following are a portion of the reasons why.


In the school hostel, you don’t have the advantage of picking from an assortment of decisions. Its only a room where you are loaded down with eight or more random individuals. Off campus, you can pick on the off chance that you’ll like a room, a self contain, 2 bed room level and so forth.

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The school hostels have a long rundown of silly Rules and regulations you need to take after which essentially comprises of too much of “don’ts”. Off campus lodges then again, you don’t inexorably need to listen to anybody. No one lets you know what do, you are on your lane.


It’s glaring that you essentially don’t have “Personal time” in the school hostel. You put your pen on the bed, you meet it on the floor. Your possessions likewise disappears occasionally. Staying off campus bears you that privacy. No one aggravates you. On the off chance that you like it you can lie unclad on your bed.

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The sum charges by schools is essentially ludicrous. You pay countless Naira to stay in a room with eight or more strange fellows. Off campus is generally less expensive, considering the convenience and other beneficial factors.


In a run of the mill school hostel, your friends can’t visit you in your room, if they do, it won’t be convenient. In some schools, you may even be fined or get tossed out of the hostel.

Off campus settlement manages you that. Your companions, lady friends, can visit you at whatever time, anyday.

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Staying off campus might be one of the best choices of your life. You live without bounds. But before you consider that off campus lodge, make sure you read this  7 Factors To Consider If You Want To Stay Off Campus.

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