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30 Sep 2017


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Researches have shown that work and family, in no particular order, are the top priorities of most people. Finding a balance between work and family could be a daunting task – in this productivity-driven new world of ours, more and more people are finding it hard to adequately fulfill their roles both at home and at the office.



Most times, the overlap between these two priorities arises when the time needed to fulfill one role does not allow a person to participate fully in the other. Interference between family and work is one of the most common causes of stress for working class adults. Realizing that the demands at the workplace are incompatible with the demands as a parent at home can be a huge disappointment. This can result in inefficiency at work place, poor physical and mental health, psychological strain etc. Work-family conflicts can produce difficulties for employees and their families, for employers and for the society as a whole.

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As stated earlier that finding a balance between work and family could be a daunting task – trying to manage the two most important aspects of someone’s life doesn’t come on a silver platter.  But the good news is that it is achievable because a lot of people have done it. Though, different methods have been used by different people that have been able to overcome this conflict, these are some general solutions that can be considered:


MAKE CONSCIOUS EFFORTS – you must identify the problem and provide yourself with the opportunity of solving it. You must be undaunted In the process of creating a balance between your work and family so that you don’t get weary in the process.


MAKE PLANS – You plan how you want to achieve the balance and involve the right people in your plan. Achieving this balance can not be done alone that is why we should involve our spouses and children (for family) and can also involve employers (for work). You need to make your family members aware of your responsibilities at work and ask them questions on their perceptions, observations and objections to your job. These will show you where improvement is needed and will also make your family members more understanding. Make your employer aware how your work has been interfering with your family so that necessary adjustments can be made on their part.

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LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS – You cannot please everybody. Stop trying to be a superhuman; you cannot do everything at the same time. Make use of external help: housekeepers, babysitters, drivers and gatekeepers if you can afford them. You can share responsibilities between other family members so that you do not get over worked at home.


SOCIAL MEDIA AIDS – Make use of modern technologies when away from your family on a work trip. Use social media platforms: Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and the likes. Don’t leave any of your important responsibilities behind, make sure you delegate the ones that can be delegated and fulfill the ones that can be done from wherever you are.

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Conclusively, solving the dilemma of balancing family and work is not an easy thing. Every family and person must find specific solutions to their issues depending on their preferences, needs and demands. There is a balance if you can adequately perform your duties at work and as well sufficiently meet family commitments. Even if your job is challenging, it must not be overwhelming.

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