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5 Dec 2015

Some Top Secrets Of Brilliant Students

The definition for a brilliant student isn’t constant as it varies from man to man depending on one’s view of life, but we all now brilliant students when we see them.

Brilliant students have some secrets they developed over time. They don’t do things like average students.

Like it is often said, “You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result” therefore, if you can’t boldly put yourself in the class of brilliant students then it is time to change some of your ways and imbibe those of brilliant students.


Now read along Some Top Secrets Of Brilliant Students :

1. They Have Internal Motivation
It is their innermost desire to be their best selves and succeed that drives them. They are internally motivated, not pushed towards new adventures. They have the inclination to challenging themselves, learning, and exploring.

2. They Don’t Judge other Students
They objectively observe the success and mistakes of others and learn from them instead of judging or comparing themselves. They don’t waste their time with judgmental people or gossips either.

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3. They Have Humility
When they bleep up, they are willing to admit they made a mistake and apologize. They encourage feedback and criticisms from others and use it to take steps towards the right route.

4. They Are Optimistic
They are everly thinking of the positive result expected of something. Instead of focusing on what’s not working, which is what so many of us tend to do. They rather focus on what is working and their success. If they find themselves overthinking a miscalculation, they automatically get a thought-swing and think about those things they did do right.

5. They Are Righteous To Themselves
They are true to themselves no matter what others think, they don’t live their lives solely to please others.

6. They Have Determination To Succeed
They do not mind facing discomfort head on to get the results they want. They tend to push themselves out of their comfort zone and get rid of those ridiculous internal voices that say, “You can’t get the grade you desire because this course is difficult”, which pulls other students apart. They believe in their abilities and know they will come out on top.

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7. They Never Stop Learning
They read a lot and are brilliant observers. They are always researching for new, more efficient, and faster ways to achieve a task. They understand that in order to be better than the average student, they must always continue learning.

8. They Are Aware Of What They Want
They have a clear vision of what they want to achieve in life. Their clarity comes with the wisdom to know what things to harness and what things to avoid.

9. They Never Give Up
“Never say never” is their motto. They prefer to say “Anything is possible.” When they stumble over that proverbial bump on the road, they come up with a plan, take action, and get past it. They understand that a sure way to lose a battle is to quit which is not an option for them.

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10. They Don’t Justify Or Blame Others for their failures
They never blame other students, lecturers, lack of books, etc. for their failures. They understand that ultimately they alone are in charge of their actions and choices and the results that come afterwards.

11. They Surround Themselves with Motivators
Apart from having mentors. They move with those who are trustworthy, positive, and supportive and who bring out the best in them unconditionally. Their friends help them take on the world side by side and, when needed, help them get back on their feet again.

Those are Some Top Secrets Of Brilliant Students. Is there any other not mentioned? Kindly comment below.

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