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17 Nov 2017

7 Of The Most Important Personal Skills You Need As An Undergraduate

Adapting to the university life can be challenging for some students, especially if it is their first time living away from home on campus. To enjoy the swift transition into university life, you need these skills:



Time is the sequence of events captured by clock. We can control time by managing the events of our life. Proper management of time gives peace, happiness, success and fulfilment. There are two activities that define time: Importance and Urgency. Your knowledge of this will help you to effectively manage your time. Activity is not accomplishment. You can be busy and not productive. In the university, no one is there to remind you to attend your classes, study for your tests and exams, or tell you when your assignment is due. You need to learn how to prioritize your responsibilities and balance your school life and your social life.


According to a study conducted by Dominican University, writing down your goals can make you achieve more. Your goals should be attainable but hard so that you have to push yourself to accomplish them. Your goals should also be time-bound. Be sure to focus on both long and short term goals, and break larger goals down into smaller steps to help you see your progress.

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In the university, you will interact with fellow students, instructors, professors, landlords and many others. Excellent communication skill will help you get the most out of relationships while you are in school and also later in your career. Interpersonal skills are most often learned through social interaction, so get out there and meet people.


Different persons will cross your path in the university, but a significant one is a roommate. Living with a roommate affords you the opportunity of thoroughly studying the person. Hence, your communication skills is built with time.

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70% of all jobs are found through networking. Get a headstart on your networking skills by learning how to introduce yourself, and asking for advice in a professional way. Familiarize yourself with professional social media sites such as LinkedIn and Google+ to help you get in contact with others in your chosen field. Also, when you speak with leaders and other professional, don’t be afraid to ask questions.


In secondary school, students can often do well by memorizing facts. To be successful in university, you will need to learn how to take effective lecture notes, study for tests, do outside research, and seek assistance from lecturers. Talk with senior colleagues who may be able to help you develop the right study skills.

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For students on a tight budget, learning how to manage your money is a critical skill. Start by estimating your income and expenses. You may do this even before the money comes. Then prioritize your expenses and determine how much money you’ll need to set aside every month to cover those costs.

As a student, possessing these skills will give you fewer troubles throughout your stay in the university.


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