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7 Dec 2017

Seven Things You Must Do To Make A Good Grade In The University

Many students have wondered why they read and don’t pass their courses, some come into the university hoping to have the best in their field and ending up dashing their hopes once they come into the university after their first year in the university. Drawn up seven things you must do if you must have first classes in the University of Benin

1)Avoid spending time in front of ‘’GH’’, girls hostel; The first place to start wrongly in a university is the girl’s hostel. When you start going there, then you start failing. Some of my friends have said the more you visit Girls hostel the more you kill your GP.

2) 95%book 5% social activities; All work and no play they say; make Jack a doll boy. Do you remember this? Good! Then you must learn to give your all to the book you have asked to come and read. The social activities include church and and other social activities, incidentally, your religious activities don’t take your time. Sunday service or mass, then weekday’s service too will do.He who reads prays twice.

3)Your hair do; I was having a discussion with a lecturer in front of my faculty of Arts building and a girl walked passed us. With a funny hair style, immediately he said, I don’t take these kinds of girls serious in the academic setting. Then I realized that your looks most times gives your teacher an immediate impression about you, and first impression they say matters a lot, simple hair do will allow you concentrate more on your books, looking good is not a bad business though, but you must not over do it.

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4)Your dressing; Dress the way you want to be addressed, many students have lost the sense of morality in their dressing. As a very serious minded person must be cautious of the way he or she dresses, not because it affects your intellectual capabilities but it says a lot about how you are perceived by your teachers. I have also come to realize that most often than not, Lecturers want to have a feel of you because you dress in an ungodly manner to their classes and offices. Be careful and watch you dress sense.

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5) Stop following your Lecturer like he is the book you are sent to read! Most times some student find it comfortable going to the offices of their lecturers because they want favors, experience have thought me that you might not make your desired grade by doing this. LET YOUR SCRIPT BE YOUR IDENTITY. Some lecturers come to classes to ask for some selected students because they have performed well in the examinations. That is how you should be known. At this point I am not saying you don’t have the right to be in a relationship with your teachers but it has to be mutual and also intellectually benefiting.

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6) What is your Relationship status? A student comes into the university and the first thing on your mind is getting a fine babe or nice guy to settle down with. Choi! You go fail!!, Dating in school might not be the best option for you, because you get distracted once you engage in one, for those who are exceptionally intelligent, they know how to manage both relationships and education. I have always advise ladies, if you want to date a guy, date a guy outside your school.

7) Put God first; in everything you do you must put God first, it is very important. Your journey to the university marks  a significant step in your life and your stay should be committed into his hands. He alone is the author and finisher of our faith.

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May  you be strengthened even in the face adversities, lawrenzi inspires. please use the comment box and let us know how you feel.

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