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4 Sep 2018

Here It is! The Ultimate Study Abroad Guide You’ve Been Looking For

Here Is It! The Ultimate Study Abroad Guide You’ve Been Looking For

Every student who wants to succeed in the global economy should study abroad. It is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and your career. So if studying abroad is on your mind, this is the most helpful material you can ever come about on the world wide web, endeavour to digest to the end. I promise not to bore you with too much unnecessary stories.

Introducing myself, I am Adewale Omoyemi, a BSC graduate of  University of Vaasa, Finland and Masters from Aalto University. Having spent years studying abroad, all on scholarships and also having successfully helped a lot of students to successfully fulfil their study abroad ambitions. I am here with good news for you, you have nothing to worry about, just follow my guide and you are on your way to study overseas.

According To A Previous Publication On EDUREGARD – Why You Might Consider Studying Abroad

Today, the cost of getting a real good education has gone astronomically high with even locally. But getting a quality education locally is another matter altogether. It can be summed up in one word-worthless. Ever since the decline of the nation’s economy, the quality of education and its standard has with other sectors slowed down to almost a grinding halt.

Teachers are owed months of their salaries, facilities are dilapidated, and corruption runs amok in the entire system. This lowering standard has thus made private companies and multinationals, the largest employers of labour to look more favourably towards people who study abroad as they seek to hire staff.

Government owned agencies and parastatals are not left out. A few months ago, it was widely reported in the newspapers that NLNG (Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company) advertised for graduates to fill vacancies in the organisation. When the applicants got there on the day set for the interview, the NLNG officials asked them to stand in two separate lines, one line for those who went to University in Nigeria (it didn't matter if you went to Covenant University where you paid #450, 000 a session or University of Uyo where you paid #30, 000, just stand in one line

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The other line was for those who went to University abroad (it also didn't matter if you attended Harvard University or Julius Nyerere University in Tanzania), Now guess what the NLNG guys did? They started calling in those who went to school abroad.

First! See what I mean? This brash disdain for locally schooled people has caused it’s own problems as millions of locally trained graduates are unemployed and there is a mad craze to study abroad as new students and thus wishing to further their education have began to wise up and are now seeking to find study opportunities outside the shores of Nigeria.

This also has given rise to very many education consultancy companies who specialize in helping students get admission abroad to study. Many of these are patronised as it is thought that they have the secrets to filing the right applications and are influential in foreign embassies. While this may be true, I think that the fees they charge to render these seemingly ‘hard’ services are astronomically high and cost prohibitive for many prospective students.

As is common knowledge, many of them charge as much as #60, 000 and above to file an application for you to get admission in a foreign university and submit your papers at the relevant embassies. But guess what the truth is, if you know the rules, you can actually manage your application yourself and that money you save will be money in your pocket.

Going to school abroad is a realistic goal. If you are thinking towards that direction, that’s a good step in the right direction. But another thing I observed is, most students (degree, masters’ or PHD students) who sincerely want to study in foreign schools don’t bother applying, because they are scared of the cost of such an undertaking. The truth many of those education agencies will not tell you is that there are many countries where you can study abroad without paying a dime in school fees!

Too much of words will not fill a bushel, see Other 10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad.

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What Am I Saying In Essence???

So here we are, out of my busy schedule, I have packaged it all in one book – Your Ultimate Study Abroad Guide – This book contains all the information you will ever need for a successful study abroad programme. Ranging from selecting institutions, processing admission, getting scholarships, travelling abroad, settling down and working abroad as a student. You don’t need to waste money paying agents, you don’t need to be begging your uncle to help, you don’t even need to inform your parents till all his set, then you can give them the ultimate shocker news when you are done packing your bags.

How Much Is The Ebook –  Ultimate Study Abroad Guide

This is one book that can go for a price as high as #15, 000,  but due to my kindness and the influence of this platform EDUREGARD, I shall be giving it out for a token of #1, 500 – One Thousand and Five Hundred Naira Only.

It’s all at your own advantage to get this book if you are really serious about leaving this country for the good of your studies. I am everly willing to help you achieve your study abroad dreams.

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About The Book – Ultimate Study Abroad Guide 

Packed with user-friendly “how to” information offered in a fun and engaging style, The Ultimate Guide to Study Abroad includes practical, easy-to-follow tips on How To Study Abroad With Paying A Dime.  This guide makes it clear that study abroad is more flexible, affordable and accessible than ever before, and that there is a study abroad option for just about everyone. The guide addresses the needs of all students as it offers targeted advice for students from diverse backgrounds and different fields of study.

Ebook Details

  • File Size: 400 KB
  • File Format: PDF
  • Print Length: 60 pages
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: Adewale Omoyemi
  • Publication Date: May 11, 2016
  • Language: English
  • Printable: Yes

How To Get The Book – Ultimate Study Abroad Guide 

This process is pretty easy. You are to pay the sum of #1, 500 into any of the account details below :

Wema Bank

Current Account



After making the payment, send your payment details, which is ; Depositor’s Name, Phone Number, Email & the subject ” Ultimate Study Abroad Guide Book” to Eduregard(at)gmail.com or 08090535932 (Texts/Whatsapp Only – No Calls Please). I will forward the material to your mail within minutes of confirmation. If you don’t have a mail, we text you a download link to your phone number.

UPDATE : ATM/Mobile Transfer is also Allowed.


How To Contact Me

You can reach me on  08090535932 (Whatsapp Enabled) at any time.

NOTE : Only interested people should contact me.

For Enquiries, Contact Me or use the comment box below

Have A Nice Time!!!

45 Responses

    1. Adewale Omoyemi - Book Author

      In this case, TOEFL is only meant for Postgraduate studies abroad. If you are an undergraduate, you don’t need it. Full details concerning this is contained in the book.

  1. D Venerable

    lease.. Which country and University bests Suite me. I will soon be agraduate of Philosophy with a Possible First Class or Surely Strong 2nd class Upper. I just want to know how much chance I stand over there.(esp. D financial status).

    1. Adewale Omoyemi - Book Author

      Finland is a great place to study, you might want to consider the ebook for full guide. Thanks.

    1. Adewale Omoyemi - Book Author

      You’re gladly welcome. Remember, no course or field is a waste in life even though some field have greater demand and also greater supply. You just go with your passion. Thanks

  2. S. Tobi

    Thank you very much for your for this piece of advice.
    Please I’m a Maritime Management Technology (MMT) student of Futo. And i’ll be graduating next year and wishes to study “Maritime Law and safetly” in either Finland, please is this course wort studying abroad, advice me please

  3. Ramanto

    Please I really need help on how to go about this whole study abroad stuff.
    I will like to go for a PhD in Architecture in any good school and country that are not so expensive for the Nigerian POOR MAN.
    I really need this and will appreciate some insight. If i get this book will i get an insight?

  4. Nwafor jeremiah

    Pls sir for someone like me who is into football, learnt plumbing as vocation and has passion for books, how do i get to study and settle in finland or any country while working there?
    Jeremiah nwafor

  5. Akinola

    I wish to study abroad for a masters degree in Electrical Engineering with HND certificate and 5 years work experience. Is this possible? How do I go about it if yes?

  6. Personally, I have revered two of our students to buy this guide because of its details and comprehensive nature to guide study in studying abroad. I was opportune to read this post, referred my students and never regret.

    1. uthman Saheed

      @Testimony, you can study free abroad only with scholarship. If you get an academic grant, depends on the terms and condition.

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