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26 Jun 2016

See Some 8 Online Jobs For Nigerian Students & How To Get Them

In today’s post, I would share various online jobs for students in Nigeria.

Making money online might be a little bit difficult especially when you’re just starting out and you don’t know where to begin.

This article would give you insights into online jobs for students in Nigeria.

First you must understand that there are various jobs online, but the competition for online job is very fierce, this makes it a little bit difficult to get hired online except you know what you want and where to look at.

List of  online jobs for student in Nigeria.

#1. Freelance Writing:

The internet relies solely on quality contents, which means the demand for fresh quality content is very high.

As a student, I am of the opinion that you have a decent writing skills that can be used effectively to make money online as a student.

As a freelance writer, you might choose a specific niche to write about. There are various places to get writing jobs online, and I will write more about it in the later part of this post.

Freelance writing is one of the major online jobs for students in Nigeria.

#2. Design Jobs:

Graphic design also has a huge online job prospect.

Few weeks ago, I needed to design a cover for my Ebook, I eventually met a guy that assisted with the design and he billed me #1, 000 for a job that he was able to complete in less than 3ominutes.

Now imagine having 30 design jobs in a month. That’s about #30, 000 in profits.

I know of people that make more than that doing design jobs online.

If you have a moderate design skills in photoshop and some other photo editing and design software, then design is one of the most lucrative online jobs for student in Nigeria.

#3. SEO Job:

This requires a little knowledge of how the web works.

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You can learn about SEO by reading books online. November 2015, I got paid about #20, 000 to help a friend work on his blog SEO for just a month.

Doing the SEO is quite easy, all I did was dedicate about an hour per day to write and build links to the friends blog, and in a month he was getting results already.

Getting SEO job is quite easy provided you know where to look for the jobs online.

You can also consider offline SEO jobs by pitching your SEO ideas to local businesses. This method works a lot; provided you’re able to explain the basis of SEO and why your client’s need your service.

You can charge some hotel and local businesses as much as #100, 000 for simple SEO task.

#4. Web Design:

You don’t have to be a programmer to be able to design a functioning website.

Once you understand how control panel works, and how to edit WordPress software and other CMS (Joomla, Drupal etc), you can design virtually any type of website.

You can learn about wordpress in less than 24hours and start making money from your skills as soon as possible.

If you understand WordPress very well, there are several people online that needs expert help when it comes to WordPress.

Web design is one of the most common online Jobs for student in Nigeria.

#5. 3D Design, AutoCad and SkecthUp:

This is mainly about architectural and planning design software.

If you know how to use any of these software perfectly, and you understand the basis of architectural design, then you’re in for serious profit.

I know of archtectural students in my school making serious money by doing freelance work for big companies in Nigeria.

They just get called up and instructions gets forwarded to their email address.

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If you’re an archtectural student, then this is one of the online jobs for students in Nigeria that you should consider.

#6. Video Editing Jobs:

Video editing is fun, it’s a good way to earn extra income in as a student in Nigeria.

Editing videos does not take time, it can be done in between lectures or during weekends.

There are various market place online to get hired as a video editor.

#7. Virtual Assistant:

If you are always online, and you know a bit about how the web works. Making money as a virtual assitant is another job opportunity for you as a student in Nigeria.

When you get hired as a virtual assistant, your job would usually revolve around proof reading documents, replying to emails, editing articles, translating documents, and replying comments on your boss blog or websites.

Some virtual assistants also work for companies such as hosting company or other service rendering websites. What you do in this capacity revolves around replying customers emails.

Being a virtual assistant is one of the numerous online jobs for students in Nigeria.

#8. Tutoring Job:

Everybody needs help. Either in their academics or other aspect of their life.

As a student; I am of the opinion that you have proper understnading of your current course. You can offer tutorial classes online in your field of study.

Tutoring is another online job opportunity for students in Nigeria.

Where To Get Online Jobs For Students In Nigeria

#1. Fiverr.com

Fiverr is a public market place where you can offer any type of service starting from $5.

You can post any gig describing your services on fiverr. For every completed gig, you earn $4, while fiverr keeps $1. You stand a chance of earning more money as you progress through the seller levels.

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On fiverr; you can offer writing services, editing and design services as well as tutorung services.

#2. UpWork.com

Similar to fiverr. However the billig process differes. You get to set your price on per hour billing compared to the default $5 that fiverr offers.

#3. Iwriter.com

Iwriter is a workplace mainly for writer. You should explore this site if you have good writing skills.

#4. Elance/Freelancer

One of the most popular freelance workplace online. You get to bid on jobs that fits your skills, decide your price and when you want to work.

#5. Nairaland

I met some of my current client via Nairaland. It’s a big website where you get to meet different kinds of people.

You can put up a thread in the appropriate section and discuss your business on that thread, with your contact details on the thread.

For designers; there is a section of nairaland dedicated for designers. You can explore that section in promoting your business as well.

#6. Facebook

If you have about #2, 000 to promote your business. You can invest it on facebook ads. The return on investment would worth it in the long run.

#7. Tutor.com

This is a website dedicated strictly for tutoring jobs. There are several tutoring websites online, they all have the same procedure.

When you submit your application, you would be required to take an accessment test; when you pass the test; your acount would be approved and you can start tutoring right away.


Online jobs for students in Nigeria should not be a source of distraction, as a result of this; I have carefully selected jobs that gives rooms for flexibility.

I intentionally choose not to mention blogging because it requires certain level of dedication which most students might not be willing to give it it.


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