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How to Score 300 and Above in Post UTME Exam
20 Sep 2017

How to Score 300 and Above in Post UTME Exam

Gaining admission into tertiary institutions nowadays is not an exercise for the faint of heart. It is a decidedly herculean task with a lot of obstacles in the way. Candidates are screened for admission into universities through the use of the UTME and Post UTME exams. The UTME is conducted by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB) while the Post UTME is conducted by schools separately to further weed out the unqualified candidates. A lot of students reach the required cut off mark for UTME only to get to the Post UTME and fail. This is due to the fact that schools have different methods of conducting exams and candidates usually find themselves confronted with totally unexpected questions when they get in the exam hall. This  has led to the Post UTME acquiring a status of being way harder than UTME. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant. The important thing is that it is not insurmountable and indeed you can score up to 300 and above in your Post UTME exam. What to know how to do that? Stay with me and I’ll tell you.

How to Score 300 and Above in Post UTME Exam

Scoring 300 and above in the Post UTME will certainly guarantee admission for you. So let me outline below some tips for you to implement if you want to score 300 and above in your Post UTME.

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First off, you need to find out the exact type of exam you want to take. As I said earlier, different schools have different methods of conducting their exams. Some exams are paper based, while others are computer based. Some are based on your UTME subjects while others are just from random topics. Some ask questions on current affairs while others want to test your quantitative and verbal aptitude abilities. So you need to find in which format exactly the Post UTME exam of your school is coming and then you can prepare accordingly.

Then you need to read. Consistently, smartly, vigorously and continuously. Create a reading timetable and follow it to the letter. Your aim is to gain admission into the university and you shall have no rest until you do. Read well and read wide. It’s your best bet.

You also need to acquire the past questions of whichever institution you are writing it’s exam. The importance of past questions cannot be overemphasized. They are like a mirror through which you see into the future of the exam you want to write. They tell what to read, and how exactly to go about reading it. They tell you the methods used in setting the exams. Make past questions your friend. You won’t regret it.

You also need to join Post UTME extramural classes and tutorials. They usually have vital information which you may not have access to on your own.

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The practices you need to do do not end in your preparation room. They continue on into the exam hall. There are a number of things you need to do even when you are in the exam hall to ensure that you can score as high as 300 and above in your Post UTME exam.

Some of the things you need to do in the exam hall include:

  • Be early. Try to come as early as possible. Settle down. Get a feel for the exam hall. Feel the vibes the exam hall is giving out. If you are coming from a long way off, it’ll be preferable for you to arrive the day before the exam. It will allow you settle and calm yourself, collect your thoughts and recollect all you’ve read.


  • Make sure you bring all you need for the examination and do not bring anything you do not need. You might not have the opportunity to borrow from people during the exam and even if you do, it’s still a bad exam practice.


  • Once you are in the exam hall, make sure you read all instructions before you start. It is very important. Make sure you understand what you are supposed to do and do just that, nothing more. Keep your timing in mind. Don’t get carried away working on a single question. If you encounter a difficult question, leave it and move on. You can come back to it later. You can time yourself if you have a wristwatch. Allocate an amount of time for each question and don’t use more than that for each question. Stay alert and read all questions carefully before answering them. And last but not least, submit when you are told to. It would very bad if you did all the above mentioned things and then your paper was rejected because you submitted late.
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The above-mentioned points are tested and trusted tips with which you can score 300 and above in your Post UTME exam. Indeed if you follow them to the letter, 300 will just be your starting point.



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