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Why Science Students Have Better Opportunities In The Job Market
17 Jun 2017

Why Science Students Have Better Opportunities In The Job Market

It seems Nigerians prefer science students to art or commercial. We believe science students are the only source of income for Nigeria and that’s why for instance; an average Nigeria parent will want his/her child to be a doctor or an engineer and this obviously is not their fault, since most companies, top organizations are seeking for science students. I would say the reason why science students have a better opportunity in the job market are listed below.

First off, their skills and expertise are more needed in most companies, factories etc. since most industries are science oriented and as we can see the world is full of science students. Flashing back at how students do rush to science class after their JSS3, may be due to passion or parental forces. meanwhile, at times it is caused by peer influence.

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Furthermore, the Nigerian mentality or rather the mentality of everyone is always that science students are always the best and in my own opinion, this mentality needs to change because if not, science students will remain and always be the most sought after in the job market.

And lastly, looking around us, we observe that most vacant posts are to be filled up by science students and if this is the case, an art or commercial graduate cannot fill the position and also looking at it from the engineering perspective, we can say that they actually generate more income for the nation, so most fully developed industries and firms will have more vacant posts for science and engineering students.

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