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Relationships in the University. Does Love Affect Learning?
9 Oct 2017

Relationships in the University: Does Love Affect Learning?

Love in adolescence is a common thing. Almost every person faces serious feelings somewhere in the age of 12-19 years for the first time. The problem is that this age very often coincides with the most critical stages of study such as school and entrance examinations. Completely absorbing the child’s thoughts, falling in love leaves no room for other problems. How to combine love and study and avoid problems in each of these areas? Maybe, it is more reasonable to choose only one thing? In favor of what then should this choice be made?


What the Students Say Themselves

In order to fully understand the issue, it is reasonable to listen to the opinion of the direct participants in the situation. 26% of students interviewed by the portal for young professionals are sure that they began to learn better only with the appearance of the second half. Another 52% of respondents noted that love and academic performance are not connected. And only 13% admitted that it is possible to forget about successes in studies at a university when it comes to a dizzying love affair.

Students who spoke in favor of the positive impact of the relationship on the study said that “love can inspire, and training tasks are performed faster and better.” Other respondents are already thinking about the future. In this case, they try to learn better to provide prosperity for a future family. But the supporters of the separation of educational and love affairs complained that they “ignore the home tasks since there is no time left for study. Other students began to miss lectures in order to be together more often.

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As we can see, the relationship between study and love still exists. Moreover, the latter directly affects the quality of the first. Here it is impossible to make a choice, so the only way out of the situation is to learn to combine personal life and learning.


A Few Words about Falling in Love

Attentive parents will certainly notice the external manifestations of the infatuation of their child through the shine in the eyes, the enigmatic smile, and the dreamy look. How to react to this? The main thing is not to panic. Refrain from harsh judgments so as not to hurt the feelings of your son or daughter. Irony, jokes, and ruses are things that should be avoided in communicating with the child during this period. This can push him to desperate decisions such as ignoring the family, escaping from the house and even self-harm.

What the child, who gradually becomes an adult, should do at this time? Enjoy the moment, because as a rule, student love becomes one of the most striking relationships in life.


Love vs. Learning

The strongest emotions that arise at the very beginning of a relationship affect all spheres of life, including studying.  A lover at first cannot concentrate on anything, except the sighing object. Therefore, partial ignoring of studies is quite natural. And the most reasonable line of behavior for both the student and parents and even the teachers is to remain calm. You just have to wait out the first wave of feelings, and then the situation can develop in two ways as in the research we have already told about.

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Infatuation as an Incentive to Study

If a guy and a girl have a craving for learning, if they understand that there are many other important things to think about besides love, there’s nothing to worry about. Joint training in subjects, mutual assistance, and the desire to change for the better are wonderful accomplishments. Strong feelings can inspire feats.


Falling in Love as a Hindrance to Study

Events can develop in a different way. Low motivation to study, the denial of all problems, except love ones, is a step towards constant absenteeism and a decline in academic performance. Sometimes, someone from a couple is good at learning, but because the object of love does not share his/her desire for knowledge, he/she begins to get low grades. There is a great temptation to push the study to second place, succumbing to a flushed feeling.


It Is Necessary to Prioritize

If the first situation is quite clear, and generally does not require adjustment, then in the second case, a young boy or girl in love needs help. He or she will never say or ask for it, so it is the primary task of the parents to provide their child with support and understanding. If the problem with unsuccessfulness is exacerbated, parents should talk with the child about the need to prioritize and together determine how much time a day he should pay to study, and when he can rest and devote himself to a loved one. Conversely, parents should not categorically condemn a child and forbid him to see his beloved.

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Why Love and Study Are Equally Important

The first student love is a school of life, lessons of relationships with the opposite sex. If they are ignored, then there is a risk that the child will grow erudite, but not too well-adapted in society. The experience of many generations shows that there are so many unhappy people because of problems in their personal lives, while very few people consider themselves unhappy due to lack of education. There are incalculably more people realized in the profession than happy in marriage. A child needs to learn to understand the logic of people of the opposite sex. Demanding a teenager to throw love out of his head and think only about learning, we thereby deprive him of the opportunity to obtain valuable experience of relationships, which can only be obtained through his own mistakes and conclusions.

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