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7 Recommended List Of Books and Materials to Read for Your Post UTME Exam
20 Sep 2017

7 Recommended Books and Materials for Your Post UTME Exam

The Post UTME exam is like the biblical David. It might seem small, but if you are not careful, it will defeat your intellectual Goliath and you’ll find yourself not gaining admission into the tertiary institution. This means that you have to prepare and prepare well very well if you hope to defeat the exam and gain admission into your school of choice. One of the best ways by which you can properly prepare for your Post UTME exam is to know what to read and set about getting it.

You need to get the recommended list of books for Post UTME and devour them thoroughly. Don’t just read randomly, read with a target in mind. Read what you need and not just anything that catches your fancy. Luckily for you, I have compiled a list of the recommended books and materials you need to read for your Post UTME exam. Here are they.

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Recommended List of Books and Materials to Read for Your Post UTME Exam.

  1.  Textbooks: The Post UTME exam is mostly based on the O’level examinations’ syllabuses, so all the textbooks recommended for your O’level examinations will be useful for your Post UTME exam.


  1. Post UTME Past Questions: This is your most important need if you are aiming to gain admission into university this year. They contain several questions that have the potential of being repeated in your exam and they also reveal the questioning format of the school in question. They are strictly recommended.
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  1. Other Past Questions: You need to get past questions for other examinations like UTME past questions, WAEC and NECO past questions and so on. They mostly have the same syllabuses, so the past questions will be useful too.


  1. Current Affairs: Some schools bring their questions from current affairs. If you know your school is in this category, then you need to get the latest current affairs materials available and read them thoroughly.


  1. Dictionaries: You need to go through to your dictionaries to improve your vocab and prepare for the English language part of your exam.


  1. Eduregard.com Website: EDUREGARD  is a rich and valuable resource for post utme candidates. They have all the information you need to score high in your post utme examination and secure your dream admissions. They have free post utme past questions, various examination tips and tricks, latest post utme news and updates. You need Eduregard.com as one of your companion if you want to score high in your post utme examination. All you need is to register to become a member for free.
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And last but not least,

  1. Your Holy Book: In all things we do, we need to put God first and last. So make sure you read your holy book frequently and pray frequently. It’ll help you.


These are the recommended books and materials you need to read for your Post UTME exam to get the best score possible.


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