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31 Aug 2017

How to Positively Engage Children During Summer

How to Positively Engage Children during Summer

It’s summer, and all kids are happy. To them, it’s time to stay out of learning for months, time to have enough play and time to watch a whole lot of films, eat and sleep… Lazy days ahead.

Contrarily, all parents want their kids to keep learning, exploring, and of course, have fun during this break. Therefore, the anticipatory lazy days would definitely not go well with many parents whose plans are completely different from that of their children.

In case you are among those parents looking for summer activities for their kids, then, you will surely find this post helpful as we have highlighted several ways in which you can engage your children positively as they are out of school in summer.


Five Creative Ways to Engage Children during Summer Break


  1. Summer Lesson: Enrolling children in summer lesson is one of the most common and effective tactics parents adopt in this part of the World to engage their children during the long term holiday in Nigeria.

    From time to time, one can easily see children attending various informal summer lessons to keep children engage academically. Most of these summer classes, start by 8:00am and close by 1pm. The main essence of summer lesson is to expose children to their next class syllabus for the next academic session.

    The major advantage of this is that children are introduced to what they are meant to learn proper as soon as they resumed back to school. This has been found so useful in enhancing student’s academic performance.

    Good enough, most schools in Nigeria organize summer classes for their students. If you are wondering where to get one, maybe you should contact the management of your children’s school. Better still, you can enroll your children for summer class of another school closer to your house.

  2. Enhance their Creativity: Been creative is one of the best talents any children can posses in this present generation to be unique. As parent, you can encourage your children to be creative by teaching them some skills during this summer break.
    You can get your children some inexpensive craft activities kits which your children can use to paint, to create various things with their hands. Teach them to make handmade greeting cards for their friends in schools, or create any special gift for their loved ones.

  3. Take Them To Summer Camp:  The idea of summer camp may be new to us in Nigeria, but it is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months in some countries. Children and adolescents who attend summer camp are known as campers. The main purpose of many camps is educational, athletic, or cultural development.

    For parents who may not have enough time to monitor their children during break engaging in any of the two above. It is encouraged that they enroll their children for summer camp. This is where their children would be adequately monitored and be taken care of.

  4. Family Travel:  The life is like a book, and whosoever does not travel only read the first page of the book. For quality exposure with amazing experiences, it is a good idea to travel with kids during the summer break.

    Travelling with kids to visit grandparents, uncle, aunty in other cities is not a bad idea. Traveling has a way of impacting knowledge on those who travel.

  5. Summer Reading: Summer reading and learning at home and library is another good way to engage your children during this break. As a parent, you can have a list and selection of books you want to read with your children during the break.

    Older ones who can read themselves should be allowed to read alone while the little ones should be led by their parents. Reading is fun during this period as children are not under any formal setting where they are to learn by force.


UTHMAN SAHEED is an academic counselor and motivator who blogs at myschooltrick.


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  1. james

    Leaving children to run around doing nothing is dangerous to upbringing. It is on this note that this post is recommended for many parents

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