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19 Sep 2017


In my previous post we talked about the value of knowing the right people and having access to the right information. Today, we will take it further, talking about opportunities for growth. One of the attributes of highly successful people is the ability to spot the opportunities that others ignore or even fail to pay attention to. In your chosen career you would find people who have already made a name and a fortune out of it, people who have set a standard, raised the bar and have as well paid the price. All these are results of conscious, practical and informed efforts. These ones are definitely those you should seek to model your career after.


If you want to become a reputable and outstanding lawyer for example, it is expedient you do not start out with your private practice after law school but you serve under an experienced and senior colleague so as to have an understanding of legal methods and processes outside the classroom.  A fat paycheck shouldn’t be your first consideration. Many young lawyers emerge from this period of service armed with all that is necessary to start their own firms or form a partnerships with one or more people. Young lawyers who do not do this often find themselves frustrated because clients do not bring cases to amateurs, novices or firms and lawyers without a reputation for winning cases. The young lawyer can only make heads way at what is popularly called “charge and bail” or even end up as a local estate agent or a house caretaker.


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For one who wants to become a practicing civil engineer, after school, it is important that you either apply to work in an engineering firm or make a commitment to work under someone who is always on site for a period of time. Your diligence will propel whoever you are working for to consider retaining you on his staff or recommend you to clients and for jobs that may mark the beginning of your own path to success. The civil engineering field is also one that places great emphasis on expertise, experience and a well-known good reputation. Clients often bring more jobs to people who deliver on time and who execute the projects with quality. You definitely want to associate yourself with such a firm or individual. It is very difficult to start out a civil engineering career on your own without a client base, a highly-placed reputation and a tangible experience from informed colleagues.



This field is much more than just the tools, equipment and materials. It requires knowledge of where the jobs are, the potential clients, the bidding process and a lot more. You cannot learn all of this on your own. After you have acquired the requisite knowledge and you have a plan to set up a firm of your own, it advisable that you get not just civil engineers on board but also a quantity surveyor, an electrical engineer, an accountant or someone with adequate financial literacy and any other professional you may deem fit. This is what makes a complete civil engineering firm. Missing out on this could reduce you to a mere bricklayer.

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So the crux of the matter bothers on serving, the humility to serve under the tutelage of s renowned master to build up your own success story. This has done many a whole lot of good and would surely do you good as well. In the subsequent post we will talk about more careers and the opportunities available there in.

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