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7 Oct 2017


Thinking about becoming a stand-up comedian? A movie comedian? A social media comedian? Or even a master of ceremony? It is easy if only you know how! Being a comedian, especially a stand-up comedian, is a craft that requires not only originality but strategy. Originality is required because you cannot be caught cracking another comedian’s joke without been called out in this age of information technology. You sure do not want to be referred to as that comedian who steals jokes. I have seen many prospective comedians chased out of auditions because they presented the joke of one of the judges. How foolish!  This is taken seriously because jokes are also considered to be one’s intellectual property. And Strategy is also required because you have to systematically device the means to achieve your goal or you would find yourself swimming in the mud for a long time. There are several ways to go about it listed and they shall be highlighted in subsequent paragraphs.


First of, you would find opportunities for auditions in competitions like Nigeria’s Got Talent, the AY Open Mic and a few others. Prepare your original jokes and be certain that they are actually funny, work on your stage presence, dressing and delivery. Many, like the popular “Seyi Law”, have emerged from these competitions to become first rated comedians in the industry. If you are not chosen, try again the next time until you become better than your previous performances because no one can ignore excellence for a long time.


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Secondly, it could be by mentoring under a comedian that you admire who also has the means and the platform to make you realize your dreams. The industry is replete with accounts of many great comedians today who served under“Ali Baba”,“Gbenga Adeyinka”,“Opa Williams”,“Julius Agwu”,“Ayo Makun”,“Baba Sala”and a few other legends. These legends created opportunities for them by putting them before a large audience, they delivered and their careers began an upward journey from then on. You would always find opportunities to be groomed, do not neglect them for uncertainties. You know what your target is; you will not be swayed by the problems that may arise in the process.

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Thirdly, you would have to scout for roles by meeting with producers and directors. If you prove yourself good at it, it could create more opportunities for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a role in a Nollywood movie. It could be a television drama series or a soap opera. Be willing to learn and be patient. That field has stars like “Mr. Ibu”, “Sanyeri”, “Saka”, “Baba Suwe”, “Mr. Latin”, and a host of many others.


If you would not consider these three approaches it will mean that you have decided to do it on your own. This is very possible but requires a lot more effort and hard work. You would have to create your own platform, build an audience, market your craft and hope that you will be accepted. This has worked for some comedians but it takes a lot more time. In most cases, many who consider this option are not likely to rise to stardom because the industry works by connections and familiarity.



Being a social media comedian is actually easy because all you need is a device, a social media account and active data susbscription. You could put up video skits and pictures popularly referred to as meme on Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter. There are a lot of social media comedians these days and the numbers keep growing. With their uniqueness a lot of them have moved from social media to real life. Examples are the likes of“Woli Arole” who started by mimicking local Yoruba prophets on Instagram, “Kenny Blaq” who remixes Nigerian music to tell a story and “Emma Oh my God” who makes his own funny version of popular songs.


So, look at these opportunities and take advantage of them. You of course, know that all of these people didn’t suddenly become celebrities, it took years. Be committed to doing your best, gaining access to the right people and staying original, fresh and inspiring. Then would you be on your way to stardom. Start today, do not wait anymore!

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