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1 Jun 2016

How To Pass 100 Level Courses – OAU As Case Study

Subsequent to numerous requests concerning success tips from 100 Level students and also a bit of instinctive stimulation towards some hints on how to pass 100Level courses, ranging from CHM 101, MTH 101, PSY 101, BOT 101, Z00 101, TPD 101, EGN 101, LIT 101, LIN 101, SOC 101, PHL 101, PHY 101, CSC 101, SSC 101 AND SO ON. I decided to compose something based on my experience, as I’ve had a good rummage and cleaned out every skeleton in my rather full closet of rookie errors. And now it’s time to share them with you, in the futile hope that you will learn from them.

100 Level days is undoubtedly the sweetest, more like having the whole world at your feet, those days when you still have nothing much to think about, those days when you never saw academical hell, so you thought school was heaven, those days when you think campus life was like your secondary school, where break time was eleven, those days when you are bound to behave like you are as young as seven, still nobody, even yourself would find these things abnormal.

Also, Part One days is by far the easiest, you would be treated with soft welcoming hands, most of your mistakes would be forgiven, all with the thoughts that you are new in the game. 

Despite the fact that passing 100Level courses (101 courses) is quite easy, freshers are bound to find it hard due to God knows why, then further into the game they realise they could have done better in their part one days. You really don’t have to burn midnight candles to pass 100Level courses, life isn’t that hard.

Well, diving in,  Exams in Nigerian universities nowadays are as challenging and competitive as Royal Rumble, as it requires candidates to be academically tight and spiritually nice, which doesn’t sound like a game for the weak I guess. He who knows the proper route is considered brilliant, they say, that’s a very correct statement in cases like this, though not fully dependent as it should be considered obsolete when thinking goes wide.

So, right about now, we are going to consider just a few of the numerous tactics to score “HIGH” marks in some 100Level courses. When I said “High”, it’s definitely pointing at a score close to or higher than 75% of total possible result, though to some strange people, even 40% is something to pop champagne about, all is well, just sit back and read along How To Pass 100 Level Courses.

Hope you’ve seen All You Need To Know As A Fresher – OAU As A Case Study.

What To Know About CHM 101

The course might seem bulky (For A Fresh Student), unarguably, with loads on stuff to cram and some rather strange calculation jargon. Your best bet here might be past questions, no joke.

Past questions give you an insight on the nature of questions and how the exam you are preparing for will most probably look like. Just stick to your class notes, if you are type that doesn’t attend classes, make sure you photocopy the note.

CHM 101 For OAU Students

Stick to your note, OAU CHM101 classes are known to be really rowdy but take the pain to attend, you might want to drop that Abass Textbook and focus more on your note! Then Best Brains Past Questions should be your next pal. You don’t need to stress much, just ensure that you start early.

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Finish all the past test questions before test, a high score in CHM 101 test will shoot you towards that A grade. Keep close to ‘ Stoichiometry‘, that topic has been known to be tough since 1960, even though it’s not. You don’t know what Stoichiometry is? Check Out A Sharp Introduction To Stoichiometry Here. If you have a good grasp of mathematics and a bit of calculation sense, you are good to go. If not, find someone to explain to you till you understand. You can’t avoid this, you must know it.

This can be useful as well, Download This CHM 101 Lecture Note, mind you! It’s not for OAU, but no knowledge is a wastage.

Meanwhile, You Can Download OAU CHM 101 Past Question Here. Mind you, it’s not complete.

Also, there is this very good android application that contains all the OAU CHM 101 lecture notes , check around on Learnites for more details, mind you, it’s not free. I can’t get the developer’s contact at the moment, would have included it

Also recommended, you can Download Darrell General Chemistry In PDF For Free, probably for reference sake.

For a list of OAU chm101 topics – Check Here

What To Know About Phy101

This is rather a collection of cheap secondary school Physics. Or it’s a bit more advanced, maybe, maybe not. Past Questions won’t have much effect here as you really need to understand concept of each question to be able to solve. Also, notes won’t be detailed enough to give you in depth understanding of the course. Your surest bet is textbook(s).


Phy101 For OAU Students

That PHY101 class has never helped anyone since 1960, lol, maybe only me though. The class is bound to be very boring, lol, maybe to only me though. Even the hours of lectures have never been the best, all the same, maybe this is my view. It doesn’t stop you from attending lectures. You will be given the materials which the lecturers will use to teach you in classes, which You Can Download Here. The materials are not too detailed. For this course, the best thing after eating risky burger is to read thoroughly that very big textbook they call “Halliday”. It’s around #5, 000 if you want to buy the hard copy, but why waste money when You Can Download The Soft Copy Here For Free. You will need to read to chapter 21 for the first semester and finish the whole book for second semester, see how bulky?

So you might want to start early. And concerning the exam, mostly objectives, you might want to keep to time. For hard copy past question, go for BestGrade.


What To Know About Mth101

To get a sound grasp of this you need to attend lectures, a good foundation of elementary mathematics is a bonus for you as well. Past questions will also support. Science students are bound to have worries with this course, as it is somewhat related to further Mathematics which wasn’t well treated for science but engineering students, in some secondary schools.


Mth101 For OAU Students

You can Get Some Mth101 Past Questions Here. Better still, go for A Makers Past Questions, I think it’s #700 or so. If you are the tutorial freak, you can as well go for A Makers Tutorials. Biochemistry students should watch out for this course, they have been having problem with it since 1959. The topics you will take are just six, ranging from Set Theory, Operations With Real Numbers,   Theory Of Quadratic Functions and Equations, Sequences and Series,   The Binomial Theorem and Matrices. You can read more on the topics hereThe upside about this course is that, you don’t need to master all the topics, out of the six topics, you will be required to answer just four in the exam. What I would advise, the first two topics are pretty simple and you must know them as they will be used for test. Then select any other two topics according to your interest. But to be on a safe edge, master all topics!!!

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Talking Of TPD 101

A one unit course basically based on Introduction To Engineering. You might have a problem with this very simple course if you don’t read it. You might need a little bit of cramming skills as the exam questions will be “Fill In The Gap“. Check here for Some Tips On How To Cram.

Attending this course’s lectures will be useful as it makes you remember some points mentioned in classes. Meanwhile, this course has been known to dash out a lot of B’s and C’s.


Talking of CSC 101

Expectedly a soft introduction to Computer Science, majorly more on some boring history of computer and definition of computer related terms. A crash read within a week to exam might work but not advised, read this course after each class.


CSC 101 For OAU Students

If the lecturer that will take you this course is Dr Oluwaranti, you might not want to miss a class, if you love yourself. You can Get OAU CSC 101 Lecture Note Here, though it might not be the latest. Also, get 2015 OAU CSC Jotted Key Notes Here.


Talking Of PHL 101

This is an introductory course offered in Philosophy Department, this course is too simple, even a science student will scape through…just kidding…but notwithstanding the simplicity, it is embedded with some literary deadly tricks and you just need to get used to some hints to get pass the strange embodiment of Philosophy, as it is known, Philosophy is known for her ‘being critical’.


PHL 101 For OAU Students

Philosophy is not such course ; you sit in your hostel and expect magic to happen, the number of classes you attend is proportional to your grade in this course. Never join the bandwagon of sitting in your hostel and expecting A from the world of the gods to shine on you. Hence try as much as possible not to miss any class and in addition to full attendance, be attentive in class, as this is just a step towards your A In philosophy 101. The lecture theatre is known to be very big, forming Jagaban by sitting at the back of the class might not help your life, or rather, your grade.

Stay close to past questions. You Can Later Download OAU PHL 101 Past Questions PDF Here For Free – I t’s currently unavailable.

Stay away from past lecture notes and stick to whatever you will be given in class. Why? Philosophy syllabus isn’t stable anymore, and so many changes are being constantly applied to the syllabus..

Last Bullet : You might want to review your note at the end of every lecture, for a solid grade in this course.

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Talking Of LGS 101 For OAU Students

Freshers normally see this course from the secondary school perspective. Imagine some defining local government as government at the grassroots level, for a professor. That’s certainly off-point. Over the years, freshers never had A in LGS101 but the record changed last session coincidentally with a change in the lecturer in charge. The former lecturer in charge was Prof Awotokun, a former Dean of faculty of administration. However, last session saw Dr Abioro in charge. Once you are able to mingle with your colleagues in higher levels, read and research well….  Your A is certain.


Talking Of SSC 105 For OAU Students

This is Social Scientists’ Mathematics 1. Pretty simple for mathematics enthusiasts but might be an herculean task if your blood doesn’t flow inline with anything calculation. It might be considered hard and it requires textbook and past questions.


Talking Of SSC 111 For OAU Students

Foundations of psychology 1. Pretty simple course but it’s the most boring course I’ve ever seen. The exams and tests have loads of repetitions as concerning past questions so you might want to get the past questions as fast as you can. The lecture note is more like a material which you will buy within the range of #350 – #500.


Talking Of SSC 101 For OAU Students

Obviously a sociology course like the last two mentioned. Course name is, man and his social environment. All you need is to attend classes, forget the rest……………… Forget the rest, doesn’t mean you should forget your books though.


Talking Of EDU 101 For OAU Students

Introduction to Teaching Profession. It’s a faculty of Education course. Simple but very Tasking as the lecturers make it hard for students. Requires cramming the textbooks, past questions and frequently attending classes because of impromptu tests and attendance, they can get you shocked with an impromptu test, first day of lecture. Mind uou, the class is always 7am.


Talking Of BOT 101 For OAU Students

Not much exists to talk about this, it’s just the simplest course in 100 Level, more than college one biology, too cheap to be true, too weak to get disturbed for and too simple to waste my ink on. The questions are objectives.


Talking Of ZOO 101 For OAU Students

Hmmmm… Ask around, this course isn’t so easy. With loads of strange jargon to cram, too much notes to read and a not-so-handsome sum of diagrams to study and master. You should endeavour to attend classes and write those notes, else, photocopy neat notes from whoever you trust. Double check for spelling errors when reading, as the exam contains some fill-in-the-gaps and a wrong spelling might cost you a whole mark. Stay close to past questions as well.

You might want to see this Zoo 101 Past QuestionsMind you, it’s for UNIBEN! But is can help.

Talking Of LIN 101 For OAU Students

This is actually meant to be a walkover if you can keep to your lecture note after each class. Enough said.


Compiled by FATTKAY.

Is there any other course we missed and you might need to be enlightened on, forward a mail to Admin@eduregard.com or contact 08149565292.


DISCLAIMER : Information contained on this page are the perspectives of the writer(s) and bound to be most probably different from that of someone else.

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