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eduregard essay contest 2017
14 Oct 2017

Parental Influence and Effect on Students and Their Choice of Career

Career play a very essential and significant role in the life of an individual not just only because of they determine the level of income he or she would receive, but because they affect the individual’s personality and public image. Career, therefore, has a vital role to play in an individual’s life and in the same manner, an individual has a role to play in choosing his or her own career. Career, in a nutshell, is the job or series of job that an individual does during his or her life time. It is also centered at which individuals like students prepare for in the future.

A person’s choice of career is what an individual chooses in the sense that he or she is rather skilled in it, has a mẻtier in it, develops and has passion for it, or otherwise. More often than not, the parents of such individuals are the basic influence of what their children tend to choose as a choice of career. For instance, a boy’s father is a fashion designer, and because the boy himself is passionate about what his father does as a profession, he then develops keenness towards what his father does, and therefore chooses such as a career – which obviously influences his choice of career to expand his idea and horizon.

However, there is another means by which parents influence their children’s choice of career, and at the latter time, results to the sound positive or negative effect of their children’s career and future. It is common, especially in Nigeria, that parents have taken steps at which they now tend to choose their children’s career, or what they should be doing as a profession. Here is a case history for exemplification;

“I was only naïve while my mum and my uncle discussed about the course I would study. I was soon to enter the senior class as a boarding school student when it happened. ‘He would take over his father’s business as an Engineer. He should go for Science and Technology,’ she had said while I watched them both conversing. I’m out of college, and would proceed to higher institution soon, but I’m sinking deep in depression and thoroughly brooding. Three years later from senior college, I discovered my real talent in my writing skills. I discovered I loved Art and would love to be a Copywriter. I’d love to study English, but then I had explained this to my uncle who told my mum what I had said, and she only turned out to get furious about my intentions. I don’t have my free will, put because my parents are the ones who sponsor my education. My career choice is not my decision, and It’s very daunting that I’ll end up a failure in life. I don’t like my course!”  

This is a true story and a case in point of a brooding young man and student who never knew what he wanted to become until he got to a stage in life when he got inspired and found his prowess, but unfortunately, his parent who had chosen a career for him, spoke angrily to him, and telling him not to change his course. Frankly, the insidious and pernicious act of career choosing by parents for their children is something to wonder and ponder about. Generally, this is termed parental factor. Such victims of the said ‘parental factor’ are exacerbated by depression which might be also aggravated to joblessness afterward.

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There is particularly no autonomy for such students to make their own choice in career when they decide to choose for themselves. The act of choosing careers by parents and pressurizing students on what career they should foray in is a conundrum in the society which is virulent to an individual’s future and its result, thereof, is stigmatization. Some parents even deter their children with wrong counselling and choice of career which has made such students fret and become pessimistic about future success. This would, perhaps, result to a debacle and fiasco.


Basically, a person’s choice of career could be influenced by various factors. One of the main factors are the parents. While we have other factors like; socio-economic factor and cultural factors [i.e, school, peer groups etc] influencing and affecting choice of career, parental factor has played a vital role on its own part. This is a global issue that has brought lives of some certain students at stake. While some become school dropouts at the secondary school level or higher insitutional level, others have managed to become graduates and then, jobless. Because of this, many have felt pessimistic about achieving their goal and dream or their chance for success at the latter and concluding time which has also brought them to the verge of absolute and utter derangement.

However, for these students, personal problems can be traced when or before choosing careers for themselves. A personal problem of such could be that; while they were young, they were unsure of which profession they could foray in, or they had no zeal to learn or no zeal for education. Some had taken wrong and unhelpful counsels from various sources, and more importantly, they were being pressured by their parents on their choice of career.

Many students or individuals have fallen victims of such dire situation which is termed ‘parental factor’. Every so often, precisely many have become physically and academically challenged, and brutally beaten in depression. The parental factor, as it is today, has eaten deep into the fabrics of an individual’s choice of career. It has caused harm to the lives of the rather frustrated individual, especially in Nigeria.

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More so, some Nigerian Parents would blame their children for their poor performance in their field of study, whereas, all blames should be put on them because of the negative influence of choosing the wrong career for their children which they had not the right to do so, but only the right of counselling their children or wards positively, then afterwards, all right and candid decision  are left for their children to choose careers that appeals to them. Certainly, in that way, progress would be achieved and pessimism would be dishevelled. The only major priority of the parents is to counsel their child on the right choice of career. As a matter of fact, if this is not prevented or curbed, the rise of instability and joblessness in the society would do damage to the leaders of tommorow.

What is more?  According to Kurt Cobain – an American Artiste – wanting to be someone else is the waste of the person you are. Literally, in other words, while parents tend to make choices for their children’s career, they are in no way but disrupting their children’s future by choosing careers for them which the student feel and deem is not appropriate for him or her when they have a better destiny to fulfill in life.

Principal Resolution

In conclusion, government, schools/learning  institutions or related organisations should provide career talk programmes, services and development to motivate and inculcate student with a sense of responsibility on their fundamental right to choose careers independently, and foray in professions in which they are capable of handling – which will enable and stimulate confidence to the students, and also optimism for a brighter and vibrant future in advance.

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