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eduregard essay contest 2017
9 Oct 2017


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People always talk about goals. They always think that each and every one should have something to focus on life and reach for it. Some call it passion, for some, it’s a dream but whatever it may be called I think in general, this is our drive in life.

Many people rarely sit down and think about their life goals. Some people say this might be a hard task to do and that is why many people get off track. In my opinion, there are many achievements people want to achieve if they sit down and really thought about it. One of my life goals as well as mostly everyone else’s is to be successful and make something of myself. Another one of my life goals is to graduate from high school with the most knowledge of my ability possible. With this, there comes hard work and most of the time mistakes too.
To accomplish these goals comes with a lot. I have to really want it and work hard. I have something that I call a task board, which helps me remind myself about the things I want in life. When I start to give up I just look at my board and push myself.
I plan to graduate with the highest G.P.A that I can achieve and be proud of. To keep myself focused I feel I need to have determination, confidence, and perseverance. It is important to me because without it I will not be able to get to the college I would like to go to. Most times our mistakes are not really taken by our parents because they believe so much in what we can achieve, but when such happens, they feel so disappointed and might even go to any length to show how we failed them. We the wards don’t understand it that way, all we believe is that our guidance are so mean, only a wise sees it as a challenge which he/she and work towards it to restore that trust.

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I just know that this would be long shot to chase greatness, maybe people would be laughing on this side but I always work hard for my dreams which I want to achieve. I define greatness in my personal life, to be that the person I am before may have a basic knowledge but sooner or later I’ll become intermediate and then expert of that field of learning because I may not hold an extraordinary talent but I trust that when I give it all, my patience, my time and my strength I might just walk one day that I am already doing better compared to the yesterday version of me

The more educated and focused a person is, I believe, the more able he/she is to be successful in the future


“What can be more awesome than achieving a goal in life?

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