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4 Oct 2017


In the last post we talked about the importance of making your first single as a music artiste a successful hit. We would take it further by looking at the opportunities in Nigeria for upcoming artistes.


In our quest for fame and applauses, we sometimes do not know what steps to take or the ladders to climb in attaining these two. Depending on your genre of music, you would find several talent hunt competitions in your locality, the state you live in or even on a national level. Examples of such are: Project Fame West Africa, Glo Naija Sings, The Voice Nigeria, Nigerian Idol, and a lot more. Get the forms for the auditions, prepare and participate fully. Even if you were not picked you would have harnessed a great deal of experience to help you in your music pursuits. If you are fortunate to be among those chosen, consider it an opportunity of a lifetime and devote your all to making the most of it.


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Many Nigerian artiste have gone through this process and emerged stars in the music industry. The likes of Timi Dakolo who won the first ever Nigerian Idol and Omawunmi the first runner-up; Iyanya and Chidinma Ekile who won different editions of Project Fame West Africa, amongst others. These competitions listed above are exclusive to people who have exceptional vocal abilities. If you genre is rap and hip hop you may have to consider competitions like the Jimmy Jump Off, Nigeria’s Got Talent, Peak Talent Show etc.


If you however didn’t get an opportunity to be in any of these competitions, you can still make success of your career in other ways. After all, major celebrated artistes today didn’t even participate in talent hunts. One of the key things to do is getting invited to perform at music shows, ceremonies and parties even if it is for free. If you are good at what you do, it will only be a matter of time. It is a strategy for creating awareness about your art. People will get to know you, ask that you perform at other events (do not decline if they are asking you to do it for free) or even ask to sign you to a record label. This is most likely the time to get yourself a good manager in case there are things that you can’t handle on your own. It is also important to be cautious about which deal you sign. Consult widely, ask questions about gray areas, and get help when necessary because some of these people you would meet are extortionist or fraudsters disguised as sponsors seeking to take advantage of your desperation and naivety.

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Lastly, the most important of all these factors is your target audience. Not everyone will like your kind of music and not everyone who likes your kind of music will like the way you do it. There are hundreds of artistes out there and thousands of music too, give them a reason to listen to yours. You don’t necessarily have to do what is in vogue, you can be known by creating your own special kind of music. Just ensure it is exceptional. Nature rewards hard work.

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